Next Generation AI Driven Customer Experiences

Sponsored by: IBM

Focused on:

  • Artificial Intelligence

Date: 22 November


Time: 11AM London

The next generation of customer experiences will seamlessly blend Artificial Intelligence powered self service with targeted human interaction. Businesses that can get this right have a fantastic opportunity to delight their customers and win new ones. Building these solutions is an art as much as it is a science encompassing relevant, on message content, integration with existing systems and processes and engaging design.
In this session we will explore these ideas and show you how to get ahead in this new, AI driven, world.

Presented by

Christopher Williams,

Chief Architect for IBM Watson in Europe

Chris Williams is the Chief Architect for IBM Watson in Europe. He works with IBM's clients and partners across all industries. Chris specialises in using AI and data to add real value to businesses. He has been part of Watson since its commercial launch in 2014. Prior to this Chris worked in big data, analytics and data warehousing for 20 years delivering late scale analytics projects in retail, telecommunications and government. Chris is a Fellow of the British Computer Society.

Jon Bernstein,

Associate Editor, Computer Business Review

Jon Bernstein is an award winning journalist, editor and digital strategist. He is an associate editor of Computer Business Review.

Key Learning Objectives