Multiple Use Private Mobile Networks for Today's Municipalities

Sponsored by: Rajant Corporation

Focused on:

  • Internet Of Things
  • Public Safety
  • Mobile Networks

Date: 14 July


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

High Speed Mobile Networks for Integrated Transit, Public Safety and IoT

There are no shortage of “Smart” applications, data and devices for enabling better city management, improved and safer mass transit, better equipped first responders and automated machine-to-machine functionality. Truly smart cities will coordinate between all stakeholders and consider a wide area, high bandwidth private mobile network as much of a core infrastructure as it roads and electrical grid.

A single network segmented appropriately enables the urban technology wish list including:

• Quick deploy ad hoc networks for public safety
• Wi-Fi in subway, trains and stations for passenger use and dynamic advertising as well as other revenue generating opportunities
• Real-time CCTV for first responders and mass transit
• Intelligent traffic systems
• Energy and water management devices
• Payment and information kiosks
• Connected city infrastructure

Capitalizing on these applications is dependent on your network’s ability to communicate across all operations in real time. This calls for a unified and secure network that connects in-motion and stationary people and assets. One that ensures reliable and continuous wireless communications between public transportation, command centers, public safety personnel and others.

This presentation is intended for those within a municipal setting that are searching for the best way to implement network communications systems for mass transportation systems, smart city initiatives and public safety within a city or region. This presentation will provide:

• An overview of today's current network infrastructure environment with a close up view of where systems meet demand and where there are significant shortcomings.
• An analysis of key applications demanded in order to streamline operations, improve safety conditions and ensure the communities served experience is satisfied.
• An evaluation of the key factors impacting network performance and the significant role mobility plays in today's total smart city and transportation environment.

Can such a high speed network be deployed cost effectively? Will it be reliable in the event of an emergency or does it bog down? How secure is it? Is it adaptable and flexible for varied needs and applications? And will it scale? We invite all municipal and transit stakeholders for a webinar that explores what is possible using a non-traditional type of kinetic mesh technology that enables mission critical network infrastructures. Register today to learn more about how a kinetic mesh network can advance your transportation and smart city initiatives - no forklift or complete overhaul needed. Register now!

Presented by

Kevin Fitzgibbons,

Sr. Director of Business Development, Transportation Market, Rajant Corporation

A veteran business development and channel marketing professional, Mr. Kevin Fitzgibbons brings deep industry expertise and experience to the transportation and municipal marketplace with special focus on wireless technologies, network infrastructures and communications. Kevin's breadth of experience in manufacturing, distribution and consumer services have provided him a 360 degree view of the strategies, intelligence and sales skills required to effectively develop and close business at all levels of government - from local and state to national and international strategic accounts. With an eye always on key performance metrics, Mr. Fitzgibbons has successfully mapped out communications strategies for municipalities large and small and managed all aspects of a city-wide network deployment. Now at Rajant Corporation, Mr. Fitzgibbons heads up business development where he assists municipalities and government entities advance their network and communications strategies to enable mobility and support applications on their respective networks. Moving organizations into the smart transportation mode while obtaining a solid return on investment drives Kevin's enthusiasm daily.

Kevin is an engaging speaker and regularly presents at industry wide conferences and forums where he can share his strategic and hands-on experiences with all levels of participants from engineers in the field to CTOs in the boardroom.

Read our interview with Kevin here.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Explore the current realities and the applications that are enabling smart cities and transit
  • Examine the differences between public and private networks
  • Explore kinetic mesh technology
  • Introduce Rajant as a potential collaborator with city and transit stakeholders


  • CTO
  • Department Directors/Heads
  • IT Directors
  • Directors of MTAs / DoTs
  • Transportation Design Engineers
  • Transportation Maintenance Engineers
  • Network Infrastructure Management
  • Police & Fire Chiefs
  • Mayors