Mobile World Congress 2016: The 16 Things You Need To Know! - 2pm London

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Date: 3 March


Time: 9AM Boston/2PM London

Mobile World Congress 2016: The 16 Things You Need To Know!

As the biggest mobile-focused trade show and conference of the year, the GSMA's Mobile World Congress (MWC) is one telecom and technology event that simply cannot be ignored. From consumer and enterprise services and software, to mobile infrastructure, platforms and mobile devices, nearly every stakeholder shows up to market their products and services. More importantly, they show up to learn about, discuss, debate, and chart the future of mobility.

With a deep roster of analysts at 2016's MWC, Current Analysis will be an active part of those discussions and debates, heading into the event with a number of topics on their minds.

- Recognizing that 5G will, again, dominate much of the MWC messaging, will that messaging extend beyond the Radio Access Network to the Core Network (including SDN/NFV operationalization) and Monetization tools?

- Second only to 5G, IoT seems destined to be an overarching MWC 2016 theme. How will service providers form a part of the IoT conversation? Can they tell a convincing story that goes beyond access?

- Where will consumers fit into 5G and IoT announcements? Will we see new IoT products and services? Is it too early to talk about the consumerization of 5G?

- How are vendors differentiating w API services/management solution as part of their mobile and cloud services? Are they differentiating?

- What's the one event everyone will come away from Mobile World Congress talking about? Will there actually be just one?

The theme for MWC 2016 is a simple one: "Mobile Is Everything." That's a powerful claim. Perhaps the biggest question, then, is whether or not MWC 2016 will actually reflect this.

Join us as Current Analysis discusses the high points, low points, and everything in between from Mobile World Congress 2016. With every analytical team from Current Analysis represented, we will share what resonated, what didn't, and - in honor of 2016 - the 16 most important things you need to know. Whether you made it to Spain for the show and need a broader view of its significance or were not able to attend and want an in-depth view from the ground, join us for this topical Webinar, putting MWC 2016 into context and detailing how the trends it revealed will impact you and your customers.

Presented by

Peter Jarich,

Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure

VP of Consumer and Infrastructure at Current Analysis, Peter Jarich manages the firm's syndicated research into the network equipment and software solutions deployed at telecom service providers along with the consumer services, service innovations and connected devices riding on those networks. This role sees Peter directing the company's analysts looking into wireline network infrastructure and services, mobile networks and services, and the competitive environment surrounding tablets and smartphones, including Current Analysis' regular tracking of service innovations, and device marketing dynamics. Peter holds a BA in Economics from Cornell University and a MS in Foreign Service from Georgetown University.

Jason Marcheck,

Service Director, Service Provider Infrastructure

Jason is Research Director for the Current Analysis Service Provider Infrastructure service. Jason and his analyst team monitor and evaluate activities in the markets for Digital Media, Fixed Access, IP Services, Mobile Access, and Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Telecom Vendor Services, and overall coverage of the Mobile Ecosystem.

Dustin Kehoe,

Service Director, Asia Pacific

Dustin is a Service Director in Asia Pacific working across Current Analysis, Kable ICT and Pyramid Research bringing compelling market data and insight to enterprise buyers, service providers and the vendor community. Current topics include data center and cloud services, SDN/NFV, next-gen security, big data, enterprise mobility and IOT. He also covers enterprise buying behavior, future spending propensity and has broad understanding of ICT spending patterns across large industry verticals.

Emma Mohr-McClune,

Service Director, Global Consumer Group

Emma leads the Current Analysis Consumer Group team and research coverage. The team's remit spans the evolution of fixed, wireless, bundled and digital services, together with the development of the carrier services ecosystem, platforms and connected devices markets. Additionally, Emma reports on the evolution in IP communications and connectivity services.

Charlotte Dunlap

Senior Analyst, Application Platforms

Charlotte brings over 18 years of industry experience to her role as Senior Analyst for Application Platforms at Current Analysis. Charlotte covers the technologies that provide the infrastructure necessary to build and run enterprise applications and services. She analyzes the software, services and professional services necessary to integrate disparate systems, create cross-business and cross-technology communications, deliver rich, collaborative applications, and build software that is transparent, optimized and reusable.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn what Mobile World Congress 2016 signals for the shape of mobility.
  • Gain insights into the news that mattered and why.
  • Understand competitor messaging. Was it successful? Why?
  • Compare the promise of mobile technology circa 2016 with commercial and R&D realities.


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  • Strategy
  • Competitive Intelligence