Mobile Broadband Forecast Update

Sponsored by: Pyramid Research

Focused on:

    Date: 15 June


    Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

    Uncovering Opportunities from Our Q2 Forecasts

    It took only five years for the number of mobile broadband LTE subscriptions to reach the 1bn mark, compared with eight years for Facebook and 11 years for legacy mobile services to reach 1bn users. During this time, traffic has increased exponentially, putting pressure on mobile network service providers that are experiencing only modest increases, if any, in their top line revenue.

    Pyramid Research is launching a new forecast product this month, Mobile Broadband Forecast, which quantifies and forecasts demand for mobile-enabled services across more than 100 countries worldwide. By sizing and forecasting more than 500 KPIs at a country level, Pyramid is able to help companies identify growth opportunities within the mobile broadband ecosystem.

    Please join us as we present some of our preliminary findings from our Q2 Mobile Broadband Forecast. During the webinar, we will explore questions like, what are the countries and regions experiencing the fastest rate of subscriber growth? Where is penetration of mobile computing devices like smartphones, tablets and datacards the highest and where is there room for growth? What is the rate of M2M/IoT adoption in different regions and countries? What is the rate of adoption of digital services like mobile Internet, mobile video, mobile financial services and mobile social networking across regions and countries?

    Presented by

    Leslie Arathoon,

    Director of Product Development

    Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Leslie Arathoon oversees Pyramid's portfolio of syndicated advisory services and market sizing forecasts. Pyramid Research's advisory services provide detailed coverage and analysis of the communications, media and technology industries in 100+countries worldwide. Leslie has over 18 years of experience in providing advisory and consulting services to telecom operators, media companies, regulators and leading equipment vendors and device manufacturers.
    Leslie has led or contributed to projects focusing on market sizing and segmentation analysis, market entry strategy, financial analysis and due diligence, license/spectrum valuation, market opportunity assessment with a focus on emerging markets emerging technologies, competitive analysis and business plan review, etc.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Build more reliable subscriber adoption models for better predicting future performance.
    • Benchmark adoption trends across regions and countries .
    • Gain a deeper understanding of Pyramid’s new market sizing and forecasting models.


    • Strategic Planners
    • Market Intelligence Managers
    • Telecoms Industry Executives
    • Strategic Marketing Managers