Maximise Revenue from Your Messaging Market

Sponsored by: AdaptiveMobile Security

Focused on:

  • A2p Traffic

Date: 2 October


Time: 5PM London / 9AM San Francisco

A2P Messaging Management and Enforcement for Operators

Many businesses use short code Application-to-Person (A2P) messaging to communicate at scale with their customers. This approach is often used to send messages such as marketing campaigns, alerts, confirmations and two-factor authentications.

With large amounts of long code A2P traffic already terminating on mobile operators’ networks today, an opportunity exists for carriers to detect and control these messages to ensure that A2P messages are priced appropriately based on their value to the sender; to ensure that abuse of commercial contracts does not occur; and, to leverage existing enterprise relationships to directly provide A2P origination and termination services for SMS, MMS and RCS.

AdaptiveMobile Security is the world leader in mobile network security and works with mobile operators around the globe to solve complex mobile security problems and protect more than 2.1 billion subscribers. Their Commercial Traffic Management product enables operators to fully capitalise on these opportunities and take the right steps to control the A2P traffic either delivered to, or generated from, their network.

In this webinar, you will learn:
1. The ecosystem of different players in the A2P market
2. Imminent changes affecting A2P traffic on operators’ networks
3. The benefits available when appropriately detecting and controlling A2P traffic i.e.
a. Appropriately pricing A2P SMS messages based on class-of-service
b. Managing contract abuse that may be present within this A2P traffic
c. Leveraging existing enterprise relationships to provide A2P origination and termination

Presented by

Simeon Coney,

Chief Strategy Officer

Simeon is Chief Strategy Officer at AdaptiveMobile Security and has over 25 years’ experience within the mobile, fixed line and IT infrastructure markets. With a career spanning Marketing, Product Management, Business Development and Operations roles, Simeon has worked for Telecom Infrastructure providers and solution providers with 9 out of the top 10 largest carrier groups.

Simeon has worked with AdaptiveMobile Security since the foundation of the business, assisting Service Providers on the protection of their subscribers and network through a range of senior management roles, and is currently responsible for the development and execution of the Company’s strategic initiatives.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Leverage existing enterprise relationships to provide A2P origination and termination
  • Manage contract abuse that may be present within this A2P traffic
  • Appropriately price A2P SMS messages based on class-of-service


  • Head of Revenue Assurance
  • Mobile Messaging and Anti-Spam
  • Carrier Relations Director
  • SVP Technology
  • Product Manager Messaging
  • VP Strategic Alliances