How to use IBM Blueworks Live to communicate your ideas and streamline your processes

Sponsored by: IBM

Focused on:

  • Business Processing
  • Collaboration
  • Process Modelling
  • Productivity
  • Operational Intelligence

Date: 24 June


Time: 11AM London

What if complex diagrams could be explained to anyone using a visual walkthrough of a chosen scenario? What if alongside the playback, we could also project cost analysis, working time, responsible owners and systems? Imagine if not only process experts, but LOB managers could understand, contribute and collaborate on flowcharts and diagrams. IBM Blueworks Live, makes all this possible!

Join this webinar and see how IBM Blueworks Live can make innovation faster, simpler and easier than ever.

Presented by

Don Seymour,

Digital Business Automation Sales Leader - IBM Europe

Responsible for the leadership of the company’s Digital Process Automation business and a team of highly experienced process design consultants, sales specialists, marketing, and technical professionals. Don is passionate about the application of process automation combined with AI, in both innovative and practical applications. He likes working together with open-minded business and IT people to design new solutions with high business value, moving customer’s business operations to the next level using software and discipline currently known as Digital Business Automation.

Radek Å ulc ,

Digital Business Automation Specialist - IBM Europe

He loves development, learning and applying new progressive software and approaches, the excitement when things start working, combining different pieces together for end-to-end solution and working under pressure with band of team mates. His personal goals are bringing new business value to the customer, being a professional working with professionals, enjoying latest technologies and approaches.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Access Anytime with just a browser to your private cloud account
  • Discover, model and document complex processes
  • Collaborate across your team and leverage your community
  • One central, shared process repository
  • Define an approval process for your processes


  • Management Consultancy
  • Security Management -IT
  • Risk management/risk analyst
  • Customer service
  • System analyst -IT
  • Deployment engineer
  • IT Business Analyst -IT
  • IT Data
  • Content and Information Architect