How to elevate your physical products with digital applications

Sponsored by: tesa scribos

Focused on:

  • Digitalization
  • Market Insights
  • Brand Protection

Date: 23 October


Time: 3PM London / 10AM New York

Using digitalization for customer interaction, market insights, brand protection and product recalls

Your products are out there – use them as digital touchpoints! Digitally connected products enable you to take your marketing activities, market intelligence and brand protection to a whole new level.

But where do you begin? In our webinar, we show you the right way to approach your product digitalization project:

- How to set the right priorities for your business
- How to digitally connect your products using secured product labels
- How to selectively manage customer interaction via the product
- How to implement measures for counterfeit and grey-market protection
- How to carry out product recalls quickly and efficiently
- And last but not least, how to use the data generated to make smart business decisions

Join the webinar and learn how to take advantage of the new benefits of product digitalization and turn your company into a digital pioneer.

Presented by

Damien Guille,

Sales Director South West Europe

As Sales Director SWEU, Damien is responsible for tesa scribos operations in Southern and Western Europe. Damien helps international brands connect their original products to the digital world. Brand owners adopt counterfeit protection solutions, achieve market transparency and create customer intimacy – and benefit from the new advantages of digitalization.

Damien graduated in Business Administration from La Rochelle University, France.

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to elevate your physical products with digital applications
  • How to connect your products to the digital world with secured product labels
  • How to optimise customer interaction, brand protection and product recalls
  • How to use your products to generate data and outpace the competition


  • Brand Protection Manager / Director
  • Product Manager / Director
  • Marketing Manager / Director
  • Packaging Manager / Director
  • Supply Chain Manager / Director
  • Head of Brand Communication
  • (Automotive) Aftermarket Manager
  • CEO / General Manager
  • Legal / Procurement
  • Trademark Attorney
  • Communications Manager
  • IT Specialist