High Speed Migration Strategy: Architectures and Benefits

Sponsored by: CommScope

Focused on:

  • Data Centre
  • Lan
  • San

Date: 21 June


Time: 10AM London

In our upcoming three-webinar series, CommScope’s Hans-Jurgen Niethammer will discuss Data Centre Design challenges and application standards; architectures and features of High Speed, Migration and Data Centre Architectures for Virtualized Central Offices.

Following the first webinar on the 31st May, the second webinar in the series is ‘High Speed Migration Strategy: Architectures and Benefits’.
In it, we explore the key requirements for a smooth data centre migration and the benefits of using Singlemode or Multimode fibre optic cabling for a high speed migration.

Key topics discussed include:
● Data Centre architecture for LAN and SAN
● Options for fibre optic cabling systems
● The impact of application migration

Find out more about the final upcoming webinar in the series:

Data Centers Architectures for Virtualized Central Offices
Here you will get an overview of the cabling options available for SDN/NFV architectures. Find out more here.

You can also view the first webinar, ‘Ethernet and Fibre Channel application roadmap; DC Design standard EN 50600 requirements’, again by following this link.

Presented by

Hans-Jurgen Niethammer,

Market Development Service Providers EMEA Data Center/Central Office/Headend

Hans-Jürgen Niethammer has worked with CommScope for almost 23 years and is responsible for EMEA market development.

With an in-depth knowledge of fiber optic technology and data centre and central office architectures, Hans-Jürgen supports service-providers in specifying and designing concepts, and in developing the right solutions to support their business needs.

He is a member of several German, European and International standardization committees, specifying data centre design, fiber optic cabling and automated infrastructure management.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the key requirement for a smooth migration
  • What is better: Singlemode or Multimode?
  • Managing much higher fibre counts
  • Learn about cabling design approaches supporting high speed migration


  • Data Centre Manager
  • DC Architect
  • DC Specialist
  • DC Engineer
  • IT Infrastructure
  • SDN/NFV Architects/Specialists