Enterprise IoT: Global Investments and Insights

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Date: 21 June


Time: 9AM Boston/2PM London

End-user perspectives on key trends that are driving the Internet of Things

From connected vineyards and livestock to connected factories and delivery trucks, it’s hard to ignore a near-constant buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT). Much of the hype is focused on consumer applications like fitness trackers and wearables. And yet, industry stakeholders are increasingly recognizing that enterprise-led deployments – with specific business objectives – may drive a bulk of the IoT market’s value.

To better understand how enterprises around the world are leveraging the Internet of Things, Current Analysis conducted a survey of more than 1,000 enterprises across all major regions, verticals and company sizes. Connecting with enterprises who were planning IoT or already engaged in IoT deployments – as well as those who had evaluated IoT, but opted-out of deployment – the survey focused on a number of key areas.

- Use Cases. Which use cases are driving IoT deployments? Which ones aren’t?

- Business Drivers and Inhibitors. What business objectives are enterprises looking to achieve? What’s holding back their deployment plans?

- Deployment Scope. How broad – geographic reach, number of devices – are today’s deployments?

- Investment Plans. What are enterprise IoT expectations in terms of Return on Investment (RoI) and where are they investing to achieve them? What components of the IoT ecosystem are enterprises investing in?

- Project Management. Within the enterprise, who is taking charge of IoT projects? Beyond the enterprise, which vendors are expected to be in the best positon to support IoT deployments?

- Data Management. How is IoT data being handled? How often - and where - is data analysis taking place?

Join us as Current Analysis discusses the findings of our enterprise IoT survey and shares insights gleaned from the survey data. Expectations around IoT's value in the enterprise are running high. Whether you are an enterprise deploying IoT or a supplier into the IoT ecosystem, understanding how enterprises are leveraging IoT and planning IoT deployments is key to executing on its promise.

Presented by

Jeremiah (Jerry) Caron,

Senior Vice President, Analysis

Jeremiah Caron brings more than 20 years of experience to Current Analysis as a market watcher and influential voice in the telecommunications and information technology industries. As Senior Vice President, Analysis, Jeremiah is responsible for overall management and content direction for the company's CurrentCompete services, and is part of the corporation's management team.

Jeremiah is responsible, along with the Principal and Senior Analysts within each module, for monitoring and evaluating activities in the telecommunications services, telecommunications infrastructure business infrastructure software and IT infrastructure markets, including the strategies and product development work of service providers, technology suppliers and solution providers.

Peter Jarich,

Vice President, Consumer and Infrastructure

Peter is Vice President for the Current Analysis Consumer and Infrastructure services. Peter and his analyst team monitor and evaluate activities in the markets for Consumer Services and Devices, Digital Media, Fixed Access, IP Services, Mobile Access, and Transport and Routing Infrastructure, Telecom Vendor Services, and overall coverage of the Mobile Ecosystem.

Additionally, Peter reports on developments impacting mobile infrastructure and mobile networking: 2G, 3G and 4G RAN and packet core along with mobile TV, metro-scale WiFi operator monetization strategies. He brings more than 10 years of experience to Current Analysis clients as a technology consultant and marketing professional.

Kathryn Weldon,

Research Director, Business Network and IT Services – Americas

As Research Director for Business Network Services in the Americas, Kathryn brings over twenty years of expertise in the telecommunications industry to Current Analysis, and has been with the company for nine years. In her current capacity, she is responsible for driving and managing the strategy, content and direction of the U.S. business services analyst team. Weldon also remains the Mobile IT/Enterprise Mobility Services Practice lead, analyzing events, companies, products and technologies within the US and global mobile enterprise services and solutions space.

Rena Bhattacharyya,

Director, Custom Research

Rena is a Director of Custom Research at Current Analysis, specializing in Delivery Management. She is responsible for ensuring the delivery of actionable recommendations and guidance to clients to assist them in formulating their market development and execution strategies. Her expertise is in telecommunications and IT services, including business networking, communications, data center, security, and business continuity services.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain perspective on the key use cases enterprises are looking to address with IOT.
  • Learn what enterprises, across the world, see as key IoT deployment objectives and challenges.
  • Understand how deployment challenges and objectives vary across planned and current IoT users.
  • Gain perspective into IoT investment expectations along with existing deployment scale and scope.


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