Enabling Manufacturing Data as a Strategic Digital Asset

Sponsored by: OSIsoft

Focused on:

  • Manufacturing Data
  • Transformation Strategies
  • Automotive

Date: 22 May


Time: 12PM New York/ 9AM Pacific/ 5PM London

An Essential to deliver Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning for the Factories of the Future

61% of industrial companies surveyed are utilizing emerging technologies as part of their Industrial Transformation strategy. New technology platforms are frequently presented to the operations technology (OT) groups. In a recent Forbes Insights survey on artificial intelligence, 44% of respondents from the automotive and manufacturing sectors classified AI as “highly important” to the manufacturing function in the next five years, while almost half-49%-said it was “absolutely critical to success.”

At the same time, we see estimates that data scientists spend 50-80% of their time merely collecting and preparing data for analysis rather than actually performing analysis – an enormous waste of time and resources.


In the presentation, LNS Research will discuss:

• progress manufacturers are making towards implementing advanced analytics platforms and AI
• the use cases that are seen as the most significant opportunities for analytics, including AI and Machine Learning
• challenges manufacturers are facing as they initiate programs for analytics and AI

OSIsoft will discuss how taking a data infrastructure approach for manufacturing operations can:

• accelerate the time to value
• enable a variety of advanced analytics platforms with time-series data
• support an enterprise data architecture

Presented by

Patrick Fetterman,

Research Analyst, LNS Research

PATRICK FETTERMAN is a research analyst with LNS Research providing collaborative coverage across industrial analytics, manufacturing operations technologies, Industrial Transformation, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

A native of Detroit who has worked on both coasts, Patrick has more than 30 years’ experience in marketing and product management for enterprise technology, including more than a dozen years in manufacturing ERP, manufacturing execution systems, quality management systems, factory automation, and manufacturing analytics.

His roles have included VP Marketing and Products at Sight Machine, VP Marketing and Product Management at Plex Systems, and President at Mi8 Corp.

Enrique Herrera,

Industry Principal, OSIsoft

As an Industry Principal for OSIsoft, based at the headquarters in San Leandro, California, USA, Enrique leads the strategy to develop OSIsoft’s business in automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductor, aerospace and industrial equipment. Enrique also supports customer executive briefings on topics such as Digital Transformation, the Industrial Internet of Things and Manufacturing.

He brings over 27 years of experience from the Microsoft Corporation, as an Industry Specialist and the automotive engineering/manufacturing perspective (Ford Motor Company, Jaguar Cars and Visteon Corporation). Enrique holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master of Science degree in Advanced Automotive Engineering from Loughborough University in the UK.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the use cases, challenges and progress manufacturers are making with advanced analytics platforms and AI
  • Identify the components of a real-time data infrastructure and how it enables advanced analytics platforms
  • Hear how OSIsoft customers are realizing operational efficiencies and improving asset health


  • Plant Manager
  • COO
  • VP of Operations
  • Maintenance Manager/Director
  • Controls Engineer
  • CIO/IT Organization
  • Director of Continuous Improvement