Deliver an incredible digital employee experience

Sponsored by: Lakeside Software

Focused on:

  • Digital Experience Revolution

Date: 13 May


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Don’t just join the digital experience revolution, lead it!

Digital experience monitoring is clearly designed to benefit employees a great deal, but it goes a little further than that. Organizations themselves benefit from digital experience monitoring in different ways. CIOs and IT teams leverage DEM for digital project planning and deployment, IT operations, service desk, and end-user computing. Human resources focus on digital employee experience to influence company policies. And business leaders look to DEM to understand productivity trends and the impact of remote work, as well as make procurement decisions and develop other strategies that help businesses grow and maintain a competitive edge.

From small projects to sweeping initiatives, technology innovation and digital strategies can drive better business outcomes by improving efficiency, expanding opportunities, and providing a competitive advantage. “Savvy corporate strategists are looking beyond their organization’s current tech capabilities and competitive landscape to consider a broader range of future possibilities about how technology can expand where they play and how they win,” according to the 2021 Tech Trends report by Deloitte Insights .

Learn how Lakeside Software can help when developing IT strategies, implementing process and structural changes, and justifying digital transformation projects, nothing beats objective data projects.

We believe end-user experience is the most important metric in IT. With SysTrack Digital Experience Monitoring, our customers ensure that their end users have the technology they need to get work done while reducing IT costs and streamlining operations.

Join our webinar and find out why digital employee experience matters more than ever.

Presented by

Glen Tonkyn,

Enterprise Sales Manager

As a Workplace evangelist, I spend most of my time in End User Computing and Service Management, and over the past 22 years, I've built strong relationships with my clients and become a trusted advisor to many of them.

Jon Oglesby,

Digital Workplace, Engineering Consultant

As a Digital Workplace Consultant I’m always encouraging best practice in End User Computing and supporting teams. With 19 years experience working with Service Management, Transformation programs and specialising in business to technical ability mapping.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Why Digital Employee experience matters more than ever
  • The changing role of IT in managing this experience
  • The capabilities of Lakeside digital experience cloud – where our customers are finding value
  • What sets Lakeside apart


  • Heads of EUC
  • Managers of EUC
  • EUS
  • EUX
  • Managers and Heads of Service Desk
  • Managers and Heads of End User Experience Operations
  • IT Directors
  • IT Directors of EUS
  • Heads of End User Support
  • Heads of End User Services
  • Global Head of End User
  • Heads of Change Management
  • Heads of Digital Transformation