Data Protection in a New Business World

Sponsored by: VIPRE Security

Focused on:

  • Data Protection

Date: 4 December


Time: 3PM London/ 10AM New York

Data critical sectors need to educate and empower their employees to prevent accidental data loss and reinforce the human protection layer.

With a lasting switch to remote working and changing work habits and practices, there must be a refreshed emphasis on data security to protect employees, customers and businesses, particularly in data critical sectors. Employees are making serious security decisions on their own and many may not reach out to colleagues to ask simple questions, such as: “does this email look strange to you?” Furthermore, employees are increasingly trusted with company-sensitive information, assets, customer data and intellectual property and in some cases, do not have the processes and tools in place to help them keep everything safe and secure.

Given the data protection requirements now in place, not only GDPR but also industry specific regulation as well as accountability to internal compliance teams, organisations need to reassess their need for robust processes, the right data protection tools and regular employee education to mitigate the risk of inadvertent data loss, whether that be for personally identifiable information, intellectual property or sensitive client or patient data.

Using examples from four key data protection critical sectors – finance, legal, pharmaceutical and healthcare - VIPRE will highlight the areas where most data leakages occur, discuss how to plug these security gaps and look at the advice they are giving all sectors during these unprecedented times. Also discussed will be how to keep data secure when your workforce is no longer behind your physical office walls and the important roles encryption, DLP policies and employee education play in keeping everything locked down.

If keeping your organisation’s data secure and protected is top of your list right now (and always!), join Yvonne Conway and Jack Garnsey of VIPRE Security this 4th December to find out if you have all your gaps plugged and if not, what you can do to protect your data in this new business world.

Presented by

Jack Garnsey,

Product Manager

Yvonne Conway,

Communications Manager

Key Learning Objectives

  • How to think outside the box to keep data safe
  • How to identify overlooked security vulnerabilities
  • How to identify sector specific data protection risks
  • How to keep your data secure with a dispersed workforce


  • IT Manager
  • Director
  • Head of Compliance
  • Head of IT
  • Security Manager