Can opposites attract? Security and compliance – contrasting requirements working in concert.

Sponsored by: Nymi

Focused on:

  • Security
  • Digitization

Date: 13 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Security and Productivity can be related.

Balancing and finding productivity in polar opposites. In companies, security and compliance are two axis moving away from each other.

Security leaks and hacks is almost a daily occurrence now, so the ability to keep data safe and access safe is of paramount concern. Solving and find a modern version to passwords is going to be key for companies to be able to be productive and stay safe.

On the other side of that, the need for compliance, trackability and detailed data points creates more and more data that said security needs to keep safe. With increased pressure on compliance and audits, producing salient data points that allow efficient internal and external audits is important to be able to stay in line with regulatory requirements.

How to balance out security (digitization) with compliance (more granularity). They are polar opposites - people designing workflows – more data means more data entry points with passwords or esignatures, yet the higher amounts of data require more security.

Presented by

Phil Chang,

Marketing Director

Phil Chang is the Marketing Director at Nymi. He's generally known as a Retail Industry Expert, but with 20 years of experience under his belt that include companies like Pfizer and Johnson&Johnson, Phil is creating a new conversation around Nymi that focuses on how technology can help companies with productivity, security and compliance. A frequent speaker at industry events in Canada and the US, across multiple verticals, you'll find him searching for unique local businesses everywhere he goes. With three kids, he doesn't really have spare time, but prefers to think of family time as becoming learning the nuances of Gen Z.

Ernest Yeung,

Field solutions Architect

Ernest has experience in companies like AMD, MAD Design Labs, and Fio Corporation. Working with pharmaceutical manufacturers to implement Nymi’s solutions, he’ll be able to bring real world challenges and solutions to the table, along with his deep industry knowledge.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Security – options for multifactor authentication
  • Compliance – the importance of a nonrepudiated action and trackability
  • The ability to keep these two in concert. Grow without giving up one for the other.


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