Become a money magnet terminal by applying smart and easy Terminal Management Software

Sponsored by: Implico Group – Brainum BV

Focused on:

  • Terminal Management Software
  • Cloud Technologies

Date: 29 June

Days to go: 16

Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Rise to the cloud & digitize your terminal in 24 hours

Imagine: A future where your terminal provides the best possible service to your customers and operates at lower cost. Customers queueing, knowing that your terminal is providing with the best flexibility and service. A stress free happy workforce, applying structured processes resulting in a well-informed organization that operates failure free and is highly predictable. Envision automated communication with customers and suppliers and correct, real time reporting. Be responsive to the needs of your customers. Focus on optimizing terminal performance- instead of firefighting. Imagine having state-of-the-art, stress free IT in place. The cool thing is: This future is within reach.

To stay ahead of the curve in this fast-moving environment, liquid bulk storage companies must constantly innovate. For many years, however, this was easier said than done. Especially for fairly straightforward terminals, it was next to impossible to have smart, feature-rich terminal management software (TMS) at fair cost and availability. But not anymore. QINO vNext is here to change this! It’s a TMS for everyone – easy, smart, efficient, scalable, innovative and designed specifically for the benefit of your business!

Revealing some of the latest, best-kept secrets in the industry, this webinar teaches you how to become a money magnet terminal. It explains how liquid bulk expertise and modern IT will convert your business into a well-organized and well-informed organization – in just 24 hours. It shows how the cloud-based terminal management solution QINO vNext ensures more process control; and how it helps create a happy and efficient workforce fit to respond quickly to the needs of the highly demanding customers – with correct, real-time data.

Also, the webinar explains how process optimization allows you to plan ahead and to truly focus on your business. It demonstrates how cloud technologies make terminal management easy, smart and – finally – accessible for the small, straightforward terminals. Last but not least, this webinar shows that huge IT infrastructure investments and long implementation projects upfront belong to the past. By rising to the cloud and embracing digitalization, you can now render your business future-ready in record time. We think: It’s time you come online and finally say goodbye to your Excel sheets!

This webinar is for liquid bulk storage companies with fairly simple terminal processes. If you always thought that terminal automation would be too complicated, time-consuming or expensive for you, we would love to introduce you to QINO vNext! Incorporating many years of industry experience, best practices and IT innovation, QINO vNext is a standardized, cloud-based terminal management solution that neither requires complicated preparations nor expensive IT infrastructure; and that adds game-changing value to your business. From this, both you and your customers will benefit substantially!

* Liquid bulk storage companies
* Straight-forward terminal operations
* Terminals of any size, handling all modes of transport providing any service

Register here! You grant us 60 minutes of your time – we show you how to regain multiple hours per day to bring your operations to the next level. To plan ahead. And, if needed, to save your marriage!

Presented by

Martin Keulmans,

Sales Director Brainum

Prior to co-founding Brainum in 2007, Martin joined Capgemini for more than 10 years, during which he held various positions in Account and Project Management.

At Brainum, Martin has been instrumental in scoping & designing the Terminal Management System QINO. He spent years with numerous international customers understanding their processes and creating best practices. Over the years, the resulting requirements have all been used to further expand and optimize the QINO system. Since January 1st, Brainum has been acquired by Implico. Martin is the director of Brainum and is a Sales Director of Implico.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Find out how a smart & simple TMS can help you enhance customer loyalty.
  • Learn how to tap into 15+ years of industry experience and best practices.
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of process optimization for your company.
  • Figure out how to bring a terminal online in 24 hours with next-gen cloud technology.


  • IT Managers
  • Heads of IT
  • Operation Managers
  • Heads of Operation
  • Project Managers
  • Terminal managers
  • C-Levels