Balancing the Data Governance ‘see-saw’

Sponsored by: Talend

Focused on:

  • Data

Date: 1 June


Time: 3PM London/4PM CET

Discover how to embrace data governance to accelerate data driven business

In today’s evolving business environment, trust is the lynchpin for successfully navigating unchartered paths. For individuals and teams, trust in the data they rely on is ultimately the true test of all.

A strong data governance strategy is essential yet striking the right balance is vital to ensuring trust in the data drives and supports the commercial and business objectives.

Issues that we'll explore:
Why is data governance so hard?
• Data Complexity
• Lack of experts
• Ever changing regulations
• Resistance to change
• Silos everywhere

Why striking the right balance between control and autonomy can mitigate data chaos
• Understanding current models

How to deliver a collaborative data governance model
• How to drive exceptional business outcomes
• How can you minimise costs, improve time to value, drive better scalability.

Data governance plays a crucial part within Financial Services, Banking, Technology, Utilities, Public Sector and other industries. Discover how to address the challenges to accelerate a data driven business.

Presented by

Darren Brunt,

Pre-Sales Director EMEA North, Talend

Darren Brunt is Pre-Sales Director for EMEA North at Talend. Darren’s key focus is delivering data-driven, innovation projects to enable digital leadership and transformation within high potential organisations using relevant, modern technologies. He helps relate how new technologies can help organisations transform and leverage data as a core asset for actionable insight and business benefit.

Darren Brunt has more than 20 years in supporting organisations with their digital transformation journey; before joining Talend, Darren worked at HP and Software AG.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover how the wrong data in the wrong hands can break your business
  • What is the impact of data privacy, data sovereignty on your data governance strategy?
  • What are the pros and cons of current data governance models
  • How can a collaborative governance approach balance control and autonomy


  • Head/Director/Chief of Business Change
  • Head/Director/Chief of Data/Data Quality/ Data Governance/ Data Capability/ Data Management/ Data Exploitation/ Data Science
  • Head/Director/Chief of Digital Transformation
  • Head/Director/Chief of Asset Information/Strategy Manager
  • Head/Director/Chief of Change and Process Manager
  • Head/Director/Chief of Analytics and Insights
  • Head/Director/Chief of Data and Analytics
  • Head/Director/Chief of Data & Records Management
  • Head/Director/Chief of Customer Data Science
  • Head/Director/Chief of Commercial Data Science
  • Head/Director/Chief of Data Management & Governance lead
  • Head/Director/Chief of Enterprise Analytics