3 Ways to Find Hidden Costs in Your Manufacturing Business

Sponsored by: Epicor Software Corporation

Focused on:

  • Manufacturing
  • Business Kpi
  • Data

Date: 3 February


Time: 2PM ET

With Epicor Data Analytics

What business KPIs should I be tracking? How can we reduce scrap? What are our product levels? How can I gain a better understanding of machine downtime?

You might be asking questions like these so your manufacturing business can keep pace. With changing customer needs, fluctuating costs, unpredictable events and competitors, how you use every asset influences your competitive edge — so it’s time to find out how to utilize one of your most important resources: your Epicor data.

Join the webinar, 3 Ways to Find Hidden Costs in Your Manufacturing Business, to find out how you can identify saving opportunities for your organization.

Presented by

Page Schrock,

Solutions consultant

Page Schrock has more than 12 years’ experience in the wholesale distribution industry, having roles in supply chain management and IT for an NYC-based company, as well as a distribution consultant. Page has worked with a wide range of companies on a variety of projects over his career. His specialties include both inventory management and profitability improvement, as well as the technology challenges faced by distributors of all sizes. He’s currently putting his industry expertise to work as a solutions consultant at Phocas Software, where he works with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to optimize their businesses with the power of data analytics.

Elizabeth Vanture Cain ,

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Elizabeth Cain joined Epicor Software Corporation in 2003, bringing five years’ experience implementing Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) products as an I.T. director at a small aerospace manufacturing company. As an Epicor customer serving on the Epicor Users Group Board of Directors, Elizabeth helped provide feedback to Epicor regarding software and documentation enhancements. This provided a natural transition into the Epicor Product Marketing group, where she provides a customer-oriented perspective.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Identify opportunity with one single view ¬– bring together data from your production machines, Epicor ERP and other sources.
  • Learn how to improve profits diving into employee or machine efficiency
  • Discover how data analytics can help you track earned hours and monitor scrap levels to save money
  • increase efficiencies: Spend less time building reports and managing spreadsheets


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