Triple customer retention by moving to fully personalized mail

Sponsored by: HP Inc. and Symeta nv

Focused on:

  • Data
  • Customer Services
  • Data Privacy

Date: 3 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

As experts in personalised communication, Symeta helps marketers and agencies to take the step from mass communication to fully personalised printed communication

Every customer unique
Our industry is moving from a “many-of-the-same” economy to one of “everyone-is-unique”, or from “mass marketing” into “my-marketing”. Digital media can be easily designed to deliver personal customer experiences, but what about print? While proven to have unmatched qualities, print lacks the flexibility and instantness of tweets and email when printed conventionally. Digital print on the other hand can merge both worlds and allows for a similar personalised approach as in digital media. But is it that easy? Aside for concerns about privacy intrusion, there seem to be the practical hurdles of how to set up personalised mail campaigns.

Forget about segmenting your customer base in a set of “versions”; make them all different
To cope with the limitations of conventional print and physical mail insertion, personalised DM has been restricted to small set of versions, requiring the customer base to be segmented accordingly. While you may reach a somewhat better response rate, this is not to be seen as real personalised communication. With digital print, segmentation can be expanded drastically to deliver a near-to-personal message. By adding specific customer data digital print allows to set-up a really personalised communication, unique and different for all individual customers like in a dialogue. Why send more information than what is relevant for that specific customer? Consumers are confronted with approximately 7,000 messages a day. Due to this abundance in communications, there is a need to filter on relevance. For the right message to reach the right person. This maximises the ROI and saves on paper, ink and postage. That is a double profit.

No-nonsense approach
Symeta is an expert in personalised communication. In 2010, they developed a personalised leaflet for every Colruyt customer. Today, two million Colruyt customers receive a unique tailored brochure with a selection of discounts every 2 weeks. Meantime, this approach has proven to be successful in many sectors and for many different brands: self-mailers, wrappings, newspapers, magazines, postcards, flyers, letters,.. all tailored to each individual client.
Their approach is also "customized":

  • After an ideation session to inspire your marketers, agents or brand managers, a communication strategy is commonly developed based on the available customer data, or suggestions are made how to collect relevant customer data. This should not necessarily be very sophisticated, but could start with simple elements like gender, location, name.

  • Then a concept is worked out and translated into a graphical design

  • After proofing, the job is printed in-house using one of their state-of-the-art HP Pagewide inkjet web presses or on the HP Indigo press.

  • Finally, finishing, insertion and preparation for sending are all done at the same location. They even can discuss shipment all over Europe. No one can do it faster or more efficiently.

Use cases
This approach will be best exemplified by showing several stunning use cases, whether for brands, publishers or enterprises, for retailers or for good manufacturers, for organizations in entertainment or for ngo's. Focus will be on the what and the how's, ending in a discussion about relevancy in terms of response rate and ROI.
Symeta is ready to take your project to a next stage.
Ask for a personalised approach. Connect today as a first step.

Presented by

Jo Van De Weghe,

Sales & Marketing Director at Symeta

Jo Van De Weghe is Marketing & Sales Director at Symeta. Together with his team of account managers, he inspires marketers in retail to increase the impact of their printed communication by using customer data.
Together with agencies and customers such as Mercedes he realized spectacular and awards-winning Direct Mailings.
Be inspired by his enthusiasm.

Jan Van Daele,

Brands Business Process Optimization at HP

With HP’s Graphics division since 2006, Jan Van Daele had assignments in the Scitex, Indigo and Inkjet Web Press organizations as Strategic Marketing Director, Business Development Manager and Strategic Account Manager. He recently joined HP Graphics WW Strategy & Market Development team as Brands BPO Manager, helping brand-owners with the economics of a move into digital printing.
Before HP, he held management functions at Agfa, Xeikon and Nipson SA France.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Why printed communication remains key in our digital world of tweets and emails
  • How digital print can bridge paper and digital to create personalised printed communication and dialogue
  • Why not be scared from “data” and customer privacy
  • How to move from customer segmentation to ‘every-customer-is-different-and-unique


  • Head of marketing
  • Brand managers
  • Head of customer communication team
  • Head of creative design staff
  • Head of marketing managers
  • Head of communication team
  • Customer retention managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Head of procurement
  • Communication managers