The impossible is now possible; 2 stage plastics PET, HDPE

Sponsored by: Petainer Holdings Limited

Focused on:

  • P E T
  • H D P E
  • Plastic Packaging

Date: 18 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Gamechanging award winning packaging innovation for food, beverage and personal care

The focus of this webinar is to provide insight into the future of diverse plastic packaging (PET,HDPE focus); all offered to the market as 2 stage process (preform at hub + blowing in local markets). In this section we will be providing an overview of the biggest challenges in selecting packaging facing brand owners today. In our view, the challenges all focus on the following: economics [eco-nomics] and total cost of ownership.

If we break down the word economics, we immediately address the big issue; sustainability in packaging, a very key challenge, how can brand owners deliver on their corporate social responsibility and sustainability objectives. Additionally, it will all be about the commercial viability, 'nomics', reductions in materials whilst retaining the integrity of the packaging are evidence that there are gamechanging technologies available in the market place that can deliver on the business objectives whilst reducing the total cost of ownership impacting immediately on the brands 'halo' effect. This section of the webinar sets out the big questions and offers a framework to get these questions answered.

Traditional packaging materials (glass/PET/HDPE/Steel) are compared to new innovations, to include 2 stage PET and HDPE. Yes, it is now technically also possible to produce HDPE packaging in a 2 stage process, to date this has only been possible in a one-stage process. Here we provide insight in to the practical applications of the materials and we for instance highlight the significant savings in HDPE material, 30%+, that can be achieved retaining the integrity of the packaging whilst providing insight into the other advantages on offer.

We will focus on providing insight into a 'real life project' - a case study covering a 2 stage PET bespoke product. It is important that we will offer you a behind the scenes overview of packaging development specifically addressing the needs of the brand owner. Petainer has supported the brand Felix in the Nordic countries to move to 2 stage PET packaging for their ketchup products. A high barrier, high performance packaging solution also makes sure that Felix stands out from the crowd on the shelf.

In this last section of the webinar we will provide you with a development framework, blueprint, that sits at the core of our bespoke projects. The next step, following the webinar, will be for the brand owner attending the webinar to book a session with our NPD team to discuss a packaging challenge, in PET or HDPE which has remained unresolved until today. Offering the opportunity to take advantage of our new innovations securing significant savings whilst improving the sustainable credentials and enhancing the packaging performance where possible.

Presented by

Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett,

Group Commercial Director

Annemieke as the Group Commercial Director works with the global brand owners on a daily basis to find practical solutions to their packaging challenges. The Petainer's 'can do' approach across the businesss is focussed in the first case on providing insight into the options available to brand owners. This consultative approach allows brand owners to make choices that are right for the brand and the products. Annemieke works across the territories and the range of products so is able to offer the participants valuable insights into the global market challenges and more importantly economically viable solutions that reduce the cost of ownership whilst effectively supporting the barnd owners across the business. Annemieke is a regular speaker at events where the focus is on informing the audience. In this case about the packaging mix available to brand owners.

Erin Corstanje,

Group Director New Product Development and Technical Support

Erin as the Group Director for new product development leads the development of all gamechanging innovations that provide customers with both technical and economical advantages. The focus of Petainer develop is on adding value to every product while insuring it delivers a significant advantage to brand owners in highly competitive markets. Erin's team works to support and advance all current Petainer products as well as pushing the boundaries of packaging to deliver the gamechanging innovations of the future. Erin's focus for this discussion will be to inform on the technical advantages of different materials and provide an understanding of the advatages in HDPE in a 2 stage process.

Key Learning Objectives

  • We set out the solutions to the big brand owner issues of today.
  • A practical list will be provided to allow brandowners to quickly assess which materials are available today to offer a solution to their products covering the full packaging mix, this section focuses on advantages of 2 stage HDPE
  • The outcome that the brand owner has delivered on upon completion of the New Product Development project, this section focuses on 2 stage PET
  • The Routemap to New Product Development - a set by step guide to take away


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