The Zenatek Tracking Service

Sponsored by: Zenatek S.a.r.l.

Focused on:

  • Tracking Service
  • Shipping
  • Tracking Devices

Date: 16 June

Days to go: 3

Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How the tracking service prevent the damages of your goods in transit

Is essential that your goods are shipped in suitable conditions, that the transport parameters and timing are maintained throughout the journey; this for avoid the damage of the goods and complains from your receiver.

During this webinar presentation, you will discover the Zenatek's innovative service regarding real-time tracking and control that permits you to follow your shipments in real time and how easy is manage our tracking device with our on-line configurations.

Subscribe to the webinar to find out how our service is provided thanks to a sophisticated disposable device; this feature makes it possible to greatly simplify the management process and save the costs of return logistics.

Presented by

Andrea Gregori,

Project Manager

Andrea Gregori has multi years’ experience in logistics and has been working in different Countries of the world particularly Africa and Middle East, even in difficult Countries during war periods, caring for delivery to customer various types of equipment of different nature. Therefore he has developed a wide experience in complicated logistics operations including catering, food supply, storage and distribution.

Key Learning Objectives


    • Supply Chain
    • Quality program
    • Legal and Insurance department
    • Operative
    • Marketing