Streamline and Automate your Design & Packaging Process - Presented in French.

Sponsored by: ESKO

Focused on:

  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Process
  • Automation

Date: 22 June


Time: 10AM London / 11AM Paris

Learn how to overcome challenges in your design and packaging process and boost your time to market


If you would like to read the webinar details in French please click here.

Brands are faced with trends like personalisation and localization, while being challenged with shorter innovation and product life cycles. Consequently, the pressure to deliver products as fast as possible and “first time right” is increasing. Managing an ever growing & changing portfolio of SKU’s often leads to an overwhelming workload which cannot be managed in the traditional way of working, e.g. with e-mail, spreadsheets, or physical proofs.

Within this Webinar, ESKO will show you how processes at brands can be fundamentally improved using versatile solutions whilst automatically gaining true strategical independence by:

  • Regaining asset-ownership and control
  • Removing human touch points
  • Allocating adequate resources
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Integrating the supply-chain
  • Guaranteeing compliance
  • Efficiently managing timelines

ESKO is providing holistic, fully integrated solutions for the brand and its supply chain to streamline and automate the innovation process while saving tremendous amounts of time, resources, and cost.

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Presented by

Cathy Maelfait,

Territory Sales Manager Brand Owners

Cathy, based in Paris for Esko, is passionate about brand processes and focuses on innovative solutions for brand. She actively guides customers in France, Switserland and Spain. Cathy has a MBA from the Barcelona Business School (UIBS) and has a strong background in marketing, selling complex solutions in various fields of interest to international brands.

Evelyne Daniel,

Territory Sales Manager Brand Owners

Evelyn actively promotes innovative solutions that improve the quality and profitability of brands and design agencies. Backed by a strong management education, she has over 20 years of commercial experience with brands.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What are the challenges today’s brands are faced with?
  • What are the difficulties of managing the design & packaging process?
  • Which solutions can solve issues related to the design & packaging process?
  • What are the building blocks for streamlining and automating the design & packaging process?


  • Head of Marketing
  • Head of Packaging
  • Head of Procurement
  • Head of Process Management
  • Packaging Development
  • Product Development
  • Head of Graphics
  • Marketing Operations
  • Art Director