S&OP: How to achieve both greater profitability and customer responsiveness

Sponsored by: JDA Software

Focused on:

  • Supply
  • Chain
  • Strategy
  • Connectivity

Date: 2 July


Time: 10AM London/11AM Paris

Beyond the spreadsheet to achieve S&OP maturity and a connected and agile supply chain

Unprecedented market volatility and complexity are putting traditional methods of S&OP under pressure. How is it possible to be both more agile and more efficient? Research shows that ‘best in class’ S&OP is helping organisations become more profitable while becoming more customer centric. Meanwhile, the laggards are bound to fixed processes, resourcing forecast errors and unanticipated issues.

S&OP is not new, however, what is new is the appreciation of the role it has to play in creating an agile, efficient and connected business. It is no wonder that according to recent JDA research that the top supply chain initiative that organisations are planning to pursue is the deployment of best in class Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) along with Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

This webinar is designed to help organisations achieve the higher levels of S&OP maturity that enable both improved profitability and customer responsiveness. You will learn how supply chain segmentation is being applied to capitalise on the differences between customers in order to provide both greater efficiency and profitability. Moreover, can a supply chain be both responsive to customers and more efficient? Professor Godsell of Warwick University will explain the latest thinking on the ‘customer responsive supply chain’. Hans Georg Kaltenbrunner, VP of Industry Strategy will talk about best practice in Segmentation, and new thinking on creating an end-to-end collaborative environment using new 'flowcasting' techniques.

In summary this webinar will provide practical guidance on how to evolve from a spreadsheet-bound regime of supply and demand balancing to a connected and agile environment that helps to encourage a collaborative and connected approach to S&OP and IBP.

Presented by

Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner,

VP Industry Strategy, JDA, EMEA

Responsible for industry strategies and helping customers achieve best practice through facilitating close customer collaboration and roadmap discussions. Often working as a strategic advisor to customers on SCM best practices within and across manufacturing industries. His main areas of expertise are S&OP / IBP, Supply Chain Segmentation and End-To-End Manufacturing Supply Chain Management.

Professor Janet Godsell,

Professor of Operations and Supply Chain, University of Warwick

Jan Godsell is a Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy at WMG, University of Warwick. Her research and consulting interests focus on the alignment between product, marketing and supply chain strategy and the role they play in delivering customer responsiveness. This has led to a particular interest in understanding the role Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) plays in supporting this alignment, and more specifically an interest in differentiated or segmented supply chain strategy.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Find out why S&OP evolution is the No 1 priority for the majority of manufacturing organisations.
  • Learn strategies to help evolve S&OP from spreadsheet balancing to a higher level of maturity in order to achieve a collaborative and connected supply chain.
  • Learn the latest thinking about customer centricity, connectivity and responsiveness.
  • Hear how implementing supply chain segmentation can improve profitability and efficiency while improving customer service.


  • Supply Chain professionals of all levels
  • S&OP executives
  • Supply/demand and allocation specialists
  • Operations professionals
  • Heads of Marketing/Product Marketing
  • Heads of Sales
  • Heads of Finance
  • Heads of IT
  • Inventory & Distribution