Packaging for consumer habits - 2020 trends and innovation

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Focused on:

  • Consumer Purchase
  • Consumer Trends

Date: 7 May


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

What is driving consumer purchase in 2020 and how to be ahead of the curve

Navigating consumer needs is a complicated business with billions of dollars in sales at stake for those that get it right. It can be hard to directly speak with enough customers to get an accurate picture of what motivates them and puts them off at point of purchase and through use of packaging or products. Is it really the case that we all focus on sustainability? Does the average consumer even know what it means? Or are there more pragmatic under currents such as price , how it creates sense of occasion or a new ritual , is it a completely new flavour or market or need that we are after, or are we happy to stick to the same repeat purchases with trusted brands?

This webinar will be a simple focus with the support of the Pack track database from GlobalData and Packaging Today , Packaging and Converting Intelligence Editor Matthew Rogerson selecting innovations that have the highest ratings in 2020 to break down how packaging fits into winning brand development. As well as looking at the leading trends in 2020, and seeing how each of these major or breakthrough innovations utilise them, this will give participants an eagle eye view over all packaging and see if there is new packaging or means or markets that they can cross fertilise into their own operations.

Presented by

Matthew Rogerson,

Editor Packaging Publications

Currently editor of Packaging Today, Packaging and Converting Intelligence and Converting Today. Co-creator of the Packaging and Converting Executive’s Forum and been working in packaging since 2003.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What are some of latest packaging innovations on launched products
  • What are leading packaging trends in 2020?
  • TBC


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