Intelligent Packaging - The Next Phase in Digitalization

Sponsored by: Stora Enso

Focused on:

  • Intelligent Packaging
  • Rfid
  • Packaging
  • Digital Packaging

Date: 10 October


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

How is intelligent packaging changing businesses in retailing, consumer goods and industrial spare parts?

Several businesses from retailing to consumer and industrial goods are run on packaging. Studies suggest that in coming five year period, packages are connected to digital ecosystems via RFID technology. The key motivators digitising packages are cost savings, sales acceleration, brand protection and expanding use of data-driven business architecture. In Kurt Salmon study on retail (2016), RFID utilisation provided 11-60% improvement in every KPI measure followed. The packaging transformation is expected to triple the connected items to over 35 billion units in 2016-2020.

This webinar by Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging is an introduction to RFID usage in packaging. It explains how the solution works, and how it is practically utilized in sales and marketing, supply chain/operations management and brand protection. The real-life examples are provided from various industries to evaluate the advantages and costs related to digitalisation project.

The purpose of the webinar is to provide essential information and knowledge for the participants on the packaging transformation in order to evaluate the opportunity for their current businesses. The content fits best for individuals being responsible for business transformation, supply chain management or marketing/customer engagement.

Stora Enso is global leader in renewable packaging. With its Intelligent Packaging offering, it helps brand owners to digitize packaging with end-to-end solution that is fully compatible with all packaging types. If your business runs on physical goods and you look for ways to improve the business performance - register to the webinar today!

Presented by

Juha Maijala,

Director, Intelligent Packaging

Dr. Juha Maijala has background in automation and engineering. He has worked over 10 years on packaging and innovations with Stora Enso, where he leads Intelligent Packaging providing digital identity to all packages. During the years Juha has been speaker in innovation and packaging conferences as well as the person behind patents and new capabilities in the field helping clients to thrive in the marketplace.

Ville Voipio,

Business Development Executive, Intelligent Packaging

Ville Voipio is responsible for new sales and business development in Stora Enso Intelligent Packaging. He has worked on data, technology and business consulting for two decades with companies such as Annalect and Nokia.

During the years he has worked on several business transformation programs, where the new use technology has provided significant improvement on every day businesses. "Data is has made many businesses healthy again. Making packaging intelligent expands the cure to traditional offline markets" he says.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Technology overview: Understand the technology architecture behind intelligent packaging
  • Applications and utilization: See the use cases of intelligent packaging
  • Evaluations: Learn the business improvements discovered by early adopters and evaluations by research companies


  • Brand Owners & Digital Marketers
  • Supply Chain Officers
  • Business Transformation Officers
  • IT Management