Innovation in Plastic Materials for Healthcare Applications

Sponsored by: Borealis

Focused on:

  • Polyolefins
  • Healthcare
  • Packaging
  • Polypropylene

Date: 6 June


Time: 16:00 CET/10:00 New York

Addressing the needs of the Healthcare Industry

Choosing the right material for your pharmaceutical packaging, medical device or diagnostics often proves to be crucial for the end performance of your product itself and the way it serves patients.

Whether it will be moving from non-plastic materials such as glass or metal; inter-plastic replacements or an iterative upgrade of material, many factors need to be considered to identify and deliver on different end goals. Some of these materials have their own inherent limitations and constraints. Polyolefins are frequently being used as an alternative product solution due to their combination of good property profiles and value in use. The use of polyolefins has created new design opportunities and is favoured for single dose packaging and disposable items. Additionally, as healthcare moves from hospitals to home treatments, polyolefins offer safer, lighter and easier to use solutions versus other non-plastic materials.

Incremental improvements in the relatively conservative healthcare industry are rare, as every change requires significant investment in time and resources. Thus, developing and introducing new concepts requires step-change innovation which addresses the challenges of increasing requirements for patient safety but at the same time improving cost competitiveness/efficiencies.
One further key challenge in this sensitive industry is that the right choice of a reliable partner as service provider is as important as the right material. To closely work together in increasing patient safety, it is vital that your polyolefin supplier fully understands and matches the stringent requirements of the healthcare industry with the reality of the chemical industry.

Are you looking for a long established or innovative way to enhance the performance of your healthcare product portfolio? Is your company striving to underpin your mission and promises to provide safeguarded quality of care that patients need?

Join this webinar
- to learn more about innovative soft polypropylene    products with unrivalled softness profile,    specifically designed for rigid and flexible    healthcare packaging and medical devices.
- to understand how these advanced concepts can    create value for your company and your value    chain partners
- by increasing your production efficiently
- by reducing complexity and cost
- by focusing on matching regulatory requirements
- and eventually by improving the quality of    patient's care.

Experience how Borealis, based on our more than 30 years healthcare heritage and our expressed commitment, became the industry brand leader in healthcare via comprehensive service approach and partnerships along the value chain.

Presented by

Niya Petzold,

Healthcare Marketing Manager, Borealis

Niya Petzold is Application Marketing Manager in the international and globally operating Healthcare team of Borealis.

She has more than 5 years of industry experience in various application areas based upon her marketing qualifications. In particular Niya is responsible for business development as well as establishing partnerships in the Asia Pacific region through close contact to OEMs, customers and value chain players.

She is based in Borealis Headquarters, Vienna, Austria.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about innovative soft polypropylene solutions with unrivalled softness profiles for flexible and rigid healthcare applications
  • Learn why the choice of the right partner is as important as the choice of the correct material


  • Packaging Engineer
  • Materials Engineer
  • Material Scientist
  • Chemical Scientist
  • Head / Manager of Packaging
  • Product Development Engineer / Scientist
  • Research & Development Engineer / Scientist
  • Compliance Manager
  • Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Head of Risk Management
  • Sales / Marketing Manager