Imperial Logistics is Building the World’s Only Blockchain-Enabled Pharmaceutical Control Tower

Sponsored by: Imperial Logistics

Focused on:

  • Blockchain
  • Serialization
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Medical Distribution

Date: 3 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

…And It’s Powering the Next-Generation of Serialization and Supply Chain Security for Medical Distribution around the globe.

According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report, substandard and counterfeit drugs cause improper dosing, compromise the effectiveness of medicines and can lead to overdosing and death. A reported 100,000 people in Africa die every year due to counterfeit medicines. Consequently, traceability and safety has become a central focus for the drug and healthcare industries.

Join our webinar where Clinton DeSouza, Director of Public Health at Imperial Logistics and Bernard Goor, VP of Sales & Marketing for Pharma and Healthcare at One Network, will discuss how Imperial Logistics is leveraging One Network to provide an end-to-end fulfillment backbone spanning their entire distribution process for essential medical supplies, including serialization and authentication of HIV and antimalarial drugs.

You will learn how Imperial Logistics will use One Network’s One Blockchainâ„¢ solution to provide robust chain-of-custody and authentication capabilities designed to create greater visibility and security. In doing so, pharmacies and healthcare facilities will be able to serve their patients with greater reliability, ensuring the continued flow of authentic and safe medication.

Reserve your seat now to learn how Imperial Health is using this technology to deliver better results for its customers.

Presented by

Clinton De Souza,

Director of Public Health

Clinton De Souza began his supply chain career at RTT, a South Africa logistics business, in 1994 in New Business Development, before moving to the healthcare division in 2010. Clinton has held several senior management positions including Sales Director of the South African logistics business ($125 mil pa revenue) and General Manager: Organizational Development. His career spans twenty-three years in Supply Chain strategy, operations and deployment throughout the African Continent.

He has spent much of this time working with the Health & Beauty, Technology and Consumer Goods sectors where he has developed and deployed Supply Chain solutions on the African Continent for the private and public sectors. In 2011, Clinton was seconded to the USA to join PFSCM where he worked with the SCMS field offices in supporting host Government's healthcare supply chains.

Clinton also heads the Public Health Consulting division of Imperial Health Sciences where he is responsible for approximately 20-30 supply chain consultants working within various public health systems throughout Africa and the developing world. He holds an MBA from the Henley Management College, University of Reading (UK), which he completed in 2009.

Bernard Goor,

Vice President, Sales and Marketing for Pharma and Healthcare, One Network

Bernard is Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for the Pharma and Healthcare industries at One Network Enterprises. Prior to joining One Network in April 2017, Bernard was Vice President, Industry Solutions Group at Oracle.

Bernard moved to the Technology industry in 2000 after working in a variety of procurement, distribution, sales, marketing and operations positions in the Chemicals, Food Service and Retail industries for 17 years. Since then, Bernard has continuously leveraged his industry, process and technology skills to build, market and sell industry solutions with the goal of delivering the shortest time-to-value to his customers.

Bernard Goor received his Masters of Business Administration from the University of Louvain, Belgium, and his Executive Masters of Business Administration from the University of Texas, Dallas.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is Blockchain and how it will impact pharmaceutical and medical distribution
  • How Blockchain can power drug serialization, chain-of-custody and IoT applications
  • How to leverage near-infared technology to authenticate drug purity
  • How to execute targeted recalls quickly and efficiently


  • Technology & Information System Personnel
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Materials Management
  • Corporate Traffic
  • Distribution
  • Transportation
  • Warehouse Management
  • Business Analytics
  • ERP
  • C-Suite