How to Adapt to the Creative Opportunities of Digital Print

Sponsored by: HP Inc. and Silas Amos Ltd.

Focused on:

  • Digital Print
  • Brands

Date: 27 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

New challenges, new approaches and the smart ways to react to the evolving environment of brand design and communication

The role of packaging has never been more important, nor has its production been more agile and responsive. This means many of the established 'rules' of effective branding are shifting. Meantime the relationship between pack, POS, print and advertising are all shifting as digital technology merges with the 'real' world. This talk will look at some of the smart ways brands are operating within this evolving space.

With each of us bombarded by 5000 media messages daily, with media fragmentation and a blizzard of information innovation what is the future for branded communication in print and packaging? And how do you select a strategy that allows you to evolve in ways that will give you competitive advantage?

This talk will throw a spotlight on the significant technical innovations that are opening up, and look at the implications for brands and creativity. It will address limited editions, personalisation and customisation, digital retail and the use of pack as media.

It will share inspiring examples, and consider the tactics by which you can move forward confidently, quickly and effectively.

Survival of the fittest depends on your ability to adapt. As our world changes, consider this is a talk aimed at enabling a positive evolution that harnesses the new opportunities technology is opening up.

Presented by

Silas Amos,

Design Strategist

Silas Amos has 25+ years experience as a designer and strategic partner for global FMCG companies.

He has helped drive creative strategy and created 'brand worlds' for beer brands such as Guinness and Budweiser, as well as smaller craft brands and spirits giants such as Bacardi.

He is now working directly with global companies like HP and Unilever, and collaborating with some really great agency folk through the line.

He created the identity and is ongoing creative director for eve sleep. This brand is one year old, but growing at a fantastic pace. It's a great learning experience in how to build a product and brand from the ground up.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Awareness of creatively innovative applications of digital print
  • Understanding of the growing relative importance of digital print
  • Inspiration for how to get ahead of the curve


  • Head of Packaging
  • Brand Manager
  • Production Head
  • Head of Innovation
  • Creative Directors
  • Head of Client Services