Going from a Manual to Semi- or Fully Automated Cold Chain Distribution

Sponsored by: SSI SCHÄFER

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    Date: 17 March


    Time: 3PM London/11AM ET

    A discussion on how to gain higher throughputs with less labor while increasing profits.

    The cold chain storage industry is heating up. With increasing demands for both frozen food and chilled pharmaceutical storage, many 3PLs and manufacturers are looking to either retrofit or build new facilities that meet the growing challenge of consumers.

    As demands outpace growth, many find themselves challenged with determining the best way to move forward. Cold chain facilities can be quite complex and understanding the finer details doesn’t always translate to best practice. During this frank discussion, cold chain experts Andreas Oy and Matt Rivenbark give detailed information about industry best practices.

    Learn how to plan for either a retrofit or a completely new fully automated cold chain distribution facility. Participants will hear first-hand from two well-known cold chain experts who have planned some of the world’s largest cold chain facilities. Get insider points on what pitfalls to avoid, and how to boost profits with a greater ROI.

    Presented by

    Matt Rivenbark,

    Director of Sales - Food & Beverage

    With a strong automation systems design foundation, Matt Rivenbark provides technical solutions for the food and beverage industry for both automation, material handling flows, cold storage, and warehouse management software. With his current position as an executive sales manager for SSI SCHAEFER, one of the leading automation and materials handling companies worldwide, Matt collaborates daily with both CPG and grocery retailers to provide real-life solutions in a competitive and rapidly changing industry.

    Andreas Oy,

    Vice President Sector Food & Beverage

    After completing his engineering studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt am Main, Andreas Oy has now been active in automated intralogistics in the Food & Beverage sector for over 29 years, including in management positions. In 2011, Andreas joined SSI SCHAEFER and has been responsible for business development and international project work as Vice President Market Sector Food & Beverage since 2017.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • Understand the pros and cons when switching from a manual to semi- or fully automated system.
    • Learn how to design a system that achieves faster ROI.
    • Gain knowledge about how to implement technology that can prevent maintenance issues.
    • Learn how to get greater throughput through high-density automation.


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    • Vice President of Operations
    • Vice President of Supply chain
    • Vice President of Logistics
    • Director of Supply chain
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    • Director of Operations