EU MDR Labeling - 'Touch Your Label Once' Strategy

Sponsored by: PRISYM ID

Focused on:

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  • Labeling
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Date: 2 October


Time: 11AM New York/4PM London

Join PRISYM ID for this free webinar to learn how an effective “touch your label once” strategy for EU MDR labeling can streamline processes and reduce the cost of a global label change.

The cost of making a global label change – using traditional processes built around multiple systems – has historically been expensive. As a result, a growing number of medical device companies are adopting ‘touch once’ strategies where they undergo a wholesale redesign of their global labeling processes all in one go, rather than repeating the cost and disruption of additional change implementations further down the line.

The drivers for the approach are manifold. Primarily, progressive organizations are cognizant of the ticking clock for EU MDR compliance and the ongoing global climate for regulatory change: they know their current labeling infrastructure is dated and that they need to safeguard against future regulations.

With major providers like Microsoft and Oracle ending their support for several operating systems and databases by 2020/23, these companies have recognized that their labeling solutions could potentially be sitting on unvalidated platforms that expose them to regulatory risk as IT moves to newer platforms.

The importance of selecting a labeling solution that can adapt to a changing world cannot be overstated. We will demo our labeling solution and show how it can help manufacturers to implement EU MDR, as well as to successfully react to future regulations or technical challenges.

Presented by

Warren Stacey,


Warren has a detailed knowledge of the auto-ID industry with particular emphasis on label lifecycle management and production techniques. His belief in delivering market-leading products to gain customer satisfaction is infectious and result’s in PRISYM ID having an enviable rapidly growing blue-chip customer base.

Prisym ID

Daniel Green,

Technical Product Manager PRISYM ID

Daniel’s role comprises understanding the functional and technical requirements of life sciences organizations for labeling and ensuring PRISYM ID’s products are designed to address these effectively. Daniel collaborates with users, customers and partners to define and prioritize new features which provide a compelling user experience.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn what are the EU MDR labeling changes
  • Understand the potential costs of a label change
  • Gain an understanding of what platforms become obsolete and how this will affect you
  • Discover how Touch Your Label Once strategy helped one of our customers to future proof their labeling system
  • Understand why you need to select a labeling solution that can adapt to a changing world - Demo


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