Digital printing Ink Jet in Packaging

Sponsored by: Sensient Imaging Technologies

Focused on:

  • Food Safety
  • Circular Economy

Date: 12 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

What are the opportunities and challenges in the context of increased food safety and circular economy?

This webinar will attempt to answer some of the common questions for companies looking to take advantage of inkjet in printing of food packaging.
What are the distinctions between edible, direct and indirect food contact?
What is “food compliant” packaging?
Who is liable against regulatory constraints?
How could the recycling trend impact food safety?
What are the hurdles and risks for a Brand and for a converter to qualify new inks from a new supplier?

Whilst risks exist, if understood and managed by key stakeholders then inkjet can provide a way to transform printing, promotion and brand performance within packaging.

This webinar will explore technical and regulatory compliance under the experience of a very pragmatic approach from Sensient, leader in Food safe and pharma safe dispersions, colorants and inks

Presented by

Simon Daplyn,

Marketing Manager

Dr Simon Daplyn Joined Sensient 2015 as part of their acquisition of Xennia Technology Ltd and is the Marketing Manager for the digital inks group.

Simon has experience in development of digital inks and processes, commercial implementation and direct sales across a number of applications and industries

Key Learning Objectives

  • Food contact compliance
  • Influence of ink choice on process
  • Recycling management
  • Product safety


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