Corrugated displays and packaging – doing it differently

Sponsored by: HP Inc

Focused on:

  • Packaging
  • Consumers
  • Digital Printing

Date: 20 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

In every market, there are literally thousands of brands all trying to grab consumers' attention - so many brands, all focused on a defined, mostly static, number of consumers, and a defined amount of shelf space. Getting and growing market share is all about consumer mind-share, but consumers have so many choices that brand owners have to leverage every opportunity to stand out and be noticed as people are going about their daily routines, and crucially, at the point they are making their buying decisions. The role of packaging at the point of sale is to entice the shopper and persuade them to act in the second or two in takes to make a buying decision. Packaging that attracts, that looks different, is merchandised well and stands out at the point of sale has the best chance of winning the attention of the shopper.

In-store displays and corrugated packaging are often the first experience between a brand and a potential consumer – at the point of purchase. So corrugated packaging is more important than ever: More than three-quarters of all supermarket buying is either completely or somewhat unplanned. This means that packaging has a role to play in influencing 3 out of 4 buying decisions. It's a key way for brands to speak to consumers.

Digital printing can bring fundamental benefits to brands by enabling them to approach their packaging in a new way. They can do it: differently, faster, and smarter; and they can get these benefits of digital, without compromising on quality.

In this webinar, we will discuss the trends that are driving brands to seek new packaging solutions and the ways that digital printing production can help meet the challenges, and how brands are already leveraging digital printing technologies to drive efficiencies and growth. Brand managers and creative agencies will discover new ways to win shopper's attention, and print providers will learn what new services they can offer their brand customers.

Presented by

Carmen Deville-Makover,

Marketing Manager, HP Graphics Solution Business

Carmen serves as the marketing manager for corrugated displays and packaging story at HP Scitex, and is an expert on what digital printing offer brand owners. HP Scitex technology drives digital transformation in mainstream printing with high-value corrugated applications.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover how brands can do it differently: personalization, geographic segmentation, versioning, successfully deal with multiple SKUs and product life cycle issues as relates to packaging production
  • Learn how brands are curbing environmental impact with the benefits of digital printing
  • Learn about the color capabilities of HP Scitex digital printing


  • Packaging Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Brand Managers
  • Creative Agencies
  • Product Innovators
  • Category Heads
  • International Product Directors
  • Sales Account Managers
  • Converters Consultants