Closing The Gap Between R&D And Production With Real-Time Multivariate Process Monitoring

Sponsored by: CAMO Software

Focused on:

  • Production
  • Research And Development

Date: 21 November


Time: 2PM London/9AM New York

Real time multivariate analysis benefits and best practices

In any production process, raw materials are mixed and processed to create an end product with defined quality requirements. If the process is running to completion and the quality of the product is not meeting the requirements, the product must be scrapped or re-worked. This could be mitigated by monitoring the raw material throughout the process to assure the desired quality. Starting with aligning multiple data sources to fully take advantage of your data, and ultimately realizing the benefits to reduce down-time and waste, and furthermore reduce time-to-market and gain competitive advantage.

This webinar will address the cycle of continuous improvement in a product process and the potential to improve output, starting with data and the multivariate analysis that can bring together multiple variables and data types into one powerful tool, and transfer models that will do real-time monitoring and produce alerts and valuable information throughout the process. We will also show how the right tools can make advanced analysis and modeling more accessible for non-scientists to manage and take action on.

Dr Tobias Merz, from Lonza, has extensive experience in the field and will share his experience on the challenges and opportunities with scoping a project of this sort, and give hands-on advice on where to start, and what pitfalls to avoid.

Presented by

Dr Geir-Rune Flåten,

CTO, CAMO Software

Geir Rune Flåten received his MSc in Chemistry (Chemometrics) in 1997, and completed his Ph.D. thesis “Dynamic environmental monitoring by means of multivariate modelling” in 2002 at the University of Bergen, Norway. His working experience over the years includes positions as Chemometrician with Pattern Recognition Systems, Research Fellow at the University of Bergen, Data Management Business Lead and Chemometrician Leader at GSK in the UK to mention a few. His experience also includes a number of scientific papers, presentations at international conferences and lectures to academia and industry around the world. After holding the position as Business Development Director for Europe at CAMO for 2 years, he now holds the position of Chief Technological Officer in the company.

Dr Tobias Merz,

Lonza AG

Dr. Tobias Merz is a Chemical Engineer and holds a Ph.D. from the Ulm University (2009) and started working with process analytical technology at the Reutlingen Research Institute. He has continued this field of work as the PAT Leader in the Lonza Group where he has worked with best practices and connecting the elements of the Quality by Design philosophy, including Design of Experiments (DoE), multivariate analysis, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and statistics. Dr. Merz has been the global connector between experts from different departments to drive innovation projects aiming to develop new methods and technologies at Lonza. Implementation of a data management system and providing online data evaluation tools has been one of the main projects.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Scoping a process monitoring solution
  • Managing data sources and data alignment for process monitoring
  • Implementation challenges and best practices
  • Operational requirements and managing production in real-time with alerts and event detection


  • PAT Professionals
  • Head of Research and Development
  • Production Engineer
  • Operations Manager
  • IT Manager
  • Process Engineer