Biocomposites – Insights and Patent Landscape

Sponsored by: VTT

Focused on:

  • Biocomposites
  • Polymers

Date: 17 May


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Hurdles and approaching leaps of thermoplastic biocomposites

How can we have lighter, cheaper and stronger composite products using materials from renewable feedstocks? Can we even add benefit by valorizing side streams from complementary bioindustries? What are the emerging polymers and processes in the near future? What are the major challenges to be overcome for the breakthrough of biocomposites?

This webinar reviews the status of thermoplastic biocomposite research as well as the limitations and biggest challenges. The current research and industry trends will be highlighted by examining the patent landscape. Additionally, the valorization potential of forest and agro side streams will be exhibited through case studies.

Join this webinar to learn how you can take advantage of the latest biocomposite developments.

Valuable glimpse to global trends

Visualization of patent applications provides an early indication of technology trends and strategic directions of an industry. In this webinar we are highlighting the patent landscape for the biocomposite technology area, with demonstrations of current and future R&D trends.

Presented by

Antti Ojala,

Research Team Leader

Antti Ojala, Dr.Sc. (nat. rer.) is a senior scientist and leader of the bio-composite and processing team at VTT. He has several years of experience in composites processing, surface treatments, adhesion and molecular interfaces and interactions, both with natural materials and synthetic polymers. He has experience as the project manager of several jointly funded and contract research projects with national and international partners in the field of bio-based materials. His current research interest is in polymer foams.

David Sandquist,

Principal Scientist

David Sandquist, PhD, is a principal scientist in biocomposites at VTT. He has an extensive scientific background in chemical engineering, polymer and wood science. Through a broad international scientific network spanning multiple disciplines, he has helped push a holistic biomaterial development, central to the circular economy. In the last five years, he has focused on leading biocomposite development and commercialization projects. His current scientific focus is on characterization and improvement of interface phenomena and architecture in biocomposite materials.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Patent and market overview: valuable glimpse to global trends
  • Learn the limitations: processing, mechanical performance and volatiles
  • Discover the emerging materials and novel architecture
  • Circular economy of biocomposites


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