A new approach to RFID tagging: Increase your productivity and volume whilst reducing cost

Sponsored by: Walki

Focused on:

  • Tagging
  • Retail
  • Consumer
  • Innovation
  • Rfid

Date: 25 September


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Could your current RFID tagging process become more efficient? Are your RFID tags too expensive? Do you hold a large inventory?

Today, more than ever, companies face key challenges in using different tags for each item which is making an inefficient and costly system.

The webinar will begin by discussing the issues that are currently being faced in the RFID Industry. Once the audience is fully aware of the problems and the challenges they are facing, WALKI will introduce a range of systems that can solve these obstacles and help the RFID tagging process to become leaner and smarter. The WALKI® 4E technology involves a dry process of laser patterning paper and aluminum laminate, which drastically reduces the cost factor involved in RFID manufacturing and the process residue is directly recyclable. The webinar will end with an exploration into these solutions available.

For companies, Walki® Pantenna booster provides a cost efficient opportunity to adapt their business to RFID-based item-level tagging. Whether operating in the apparel, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or FMCG industries, it’s a simple, fast and material-saving way to tag individual products.

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Presented by

Sami Liponkoski,

Business Line Manager, 4E Technology

Sam Liponkoski, M.Sc.Tech (Chemical Engineering), has over 10 years experience in RFID tagging solutions and antennas, with a broad experience in RFID business, field engineering, technical solutions and converting. He is a member of management boards in several RFID projects; Manos (TUT), Ideal Hospital (HUS), RFID Lab Finland, NICE Travel.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • How to lower inventory levels by 5% - 30% and increase store–inventory accuracy by at least 30%.
  • Best practices to match the RFID tags to all of the items in the store. One tag fits all.
  • Understand how to make your RFID tags environmentally sound.
  • How to tag to your needs. Tag only what you need. This webinar will show you how NOT to waste money on unnecessary tagging.


  • Heads of Supply chain
  • Heads of Logistics
  • Heads of IT
  • Heads of Planning