Advanced Thermal Management for High-Power IC Testing

Sponsored by: Smiths Interconnect

Focused on:

  • Thermal Management

Date: 3 March


Time: 11:00AM EST/ 5:00PM CET

Join us Wednesday, March 3 11am to 11:45 EST

High-Performance Compute, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are driving a new wave of demand for extremely large and complex chips. These giant chips ā€“ typically over 20B transistors per device ā€“ required enormous power draws, which in turn, generates heat. To address these challenges, sophisticated thermal system modelling must be applied, and custom solutions must be design around these models. For device manufacturers, it has become critical to properly manage IC thermal output during the critical device testing phases.

In this Webinar, Smiths Interconnect experts will describe state-of-the art of Thermal Management Solutions applied to advanced digital processor IC devices. Special attention will be given to the emerging SiP and large BGA package challenges facing the industry.

Presented by

Rick Marshall,

Global Business Development, Semiconductor Test

Rick Marshall is a veteran of the semiconductor test industry, having held leadership positions at suppliers of Capital Equipment, Wafer Probing, Final Test, and Production Software companies. Over 25 years of experience creating, driving, and closing hundreds of millions of dollars of business with customers based in the US, Europe, and Asia. Global Sales experience based on numerous positions in Silicon Valley, Texas, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Rick has worked for Smiths Interconnect for almost 4 years.

Tim Wooden,

Product Line Manager, Semiconductor Test

Tim Wooden is an expert in semiconductor package test, with deep experience in the design, deployment, and application of advanced test socket solutions, System Level, RF Testing, PoP, SoC, High Power, Thermal and Fine Pitch. With specific expertise in Technical Sales, Product Development, Marketing and Business Development, Tim has worked for Smiths Interconnect for almost two years.

Quynh Nguyen,

Mechanical Engineer

Quynh Nguyen is a Mechanical Engineer at Smiths Interconnect America, located in Milpitas, California since 2014. She holds a B.S degree in Mechanical Engineer from San Jose State University, major in Mechanical Design and minor in Thermal. She has more than 15 years of mechanical design and thermal management experience in the Semiconductor Test Industry.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Advanced thermal management for high power ICs
  • Cooling solutions for high performance ICs
  • Basics of thermal management and cooling solutions


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