Why you should take advantage of the AI (7240) and adopt the new GS1 Clinical Trial barcode standards

Sponsored by: PRISYM ID

Focused on:

  • Clinical
  • Labelling
  • Barcode

Date: 26 February


Time: 10AM EST / 3PM GMT / 4PM CET

Sometimes little things can make a big difference. That's certainly the case in clinical research where the emergence of an industry-specific Application Identifier AI(7240) that allows the adoption of the GS1 2D Data Matrix barcode for clinical trial labeling could be a catalyst for major operational gains.

Major players like Pfizer and Sanofi have recognised the opportunity and strengthened their labeling capabilities by adopting the GS1 barcode standards. In the process, they're unlocking downstream benefits in productivity, reduction in data error and patient care amongst other benefits. It's important that the industry works in conjunction with change and follows the example the early adopters have set in utilising a proven global standard.

In this free webinar, featured speakers from GS1 and PRISYM ID will explain the new clinical trial GS1 barcode standards, the drivers for releasing them and how AI(7240) provides scope for additional checks that protects the integrity of the clinical supply chain, removes data entry errors and allows faster drug dispensing and tracking through its clinical trial life cycle.

Presented by

Neil Piper,

Senior Manager AIDC GS1

Neil is an Auto ID expert and business consultant, with over 25 years experience working predominantly in the retail and healthcare sectors.

He was part of the original Department of Health and Social Care working group that advocated the use of GS1 standards in the NHS in England back in 2007. And since then, has worked closely with numerous NHS trusts, Connecting for Health (Information Standards Board), NHS Digital (Data Standards Assurance Service), NHS England, and Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

Neil has also worked closely with the Commercial Medicines Department and supported their submission to the EU for the Falsified Medicines Directive, and co-wrote the ISB 1077 Patient Identification, and ISB 0108 AIDC, NHS standards.

Steve Ellison,

VP of Global Clinical Trials PRISYM ID

Steve has spent over 24 years working with coding and labeling solutions and for the last five years he has been promoting the PRISYM ID's world-class labeling solutions.

During his time with PRISYM ID, he has observed many changes within the life science industry including significant tightening of regulations, the challenges of globalization and the implementation of directives.

He has successful working relationships with a diverse spectrum of market leading companies in medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare and clinical trials sectors.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the GS1 standard for Investigational Medicinal Product (IMPs)
  • Find out how AI(7240) can help with traceability and data compliance
  • Learn how the industry is reacting to the new barcode standards
  • Learn how to audit your current clinical trial labeling solution so you are ready for the future


  • Managers/Heads/Directors/VPs/SVPs of Labeling and Packaging
  • Managers/Heads/Directors/VPs/SVPs of Clinical trials
  • Managers/Heads/Directors/VPs/SVPs Supply Chain
  • Managers/Heads/Directors/VPs/SVPs Regulatory
  • Managers/Heads/Directors/VPs/SVPs Quality
  • Managers/Heads/Directors/VPs/SVPs Compliance