Virus Purification Using Sartobind® Membrane Chromatography

Sponsored by: Sartorius

Focused on:

  • Virus Vaccines

Date: 9 June


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Optimized Process Performance and Productivity with Sartobind®

Virus vaccines is a growing segment in the biologics product pipeline. The pandemic outbreak of the Corona virus underlined the necessity for fast and productive virus production processes to quickly respond to such emergencies. Current purification protocols for virus based biologics use bead based resins which are limited by low binding capacities and slow mass transport resulting in low productivity.

Sartobind® membrane chromatography overcomes these limitations utilizing its large pore diameter, high flow rates and increased binding capacity for large molecules. Viruses are biological constructs that have a diameter between 30 and 150 nm. Therefore, they are not able to penetrate bead pores with a diameter of 15 – 40 nm, but are only bound on the outside surface. Chromatography membranes have a pore diameter of 3 – 5 µm, and in this way are able to bind significantly more (>10 fold) virus particles.

We describe the application of adenovirus purification using Sartobind® Q and STIC as well as the capture of viruses with Sartobind® SC – a heparin like pseudo-affinity ligand. Virus particle load as well as productivities are compared to common bead based purifications. The Sartobind® device portfolio offers scalable purification from process development to commercial manufacturing. Gamma-irradiated cassettes help to lower bio-burden and avoid the risk of contamination with adventitious viruses.

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Presented by

Carsten Voss,

Product Manager Chromatography Consumables

Dr. Carsten Voss joined Sartorius Stedim Biotech in January 2020 as Product Manager for Chromatography Consumables. He has more than 20 years of experience in bioprocess and downstream processing. Previous to Sartorius he worked for Bio-Rad Laboratories as application manager for the process chromatography business. He also held senior positions at a CMO and an engineering company. Dr. Voss is also associate professor for biochemical engineering.

Ricarda Busse,

Product Manager Membrane Chromatography

Dr. Ricarda Busse joined Sartorius Stedim Biotech in February 2018 as a Product Manager for Membrane Chromatography. She started her career in 2014 in the biotechnology industry and specialized in affinity chromatography for protein production and bioprocessing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Advantages of membrane chromatography for virus purification
  • Purification of adenovirus vaccine vectors with Sartobind® Q and STIC
  • Virus capture using Sartobind® SC
  • Gamma-sterilized cassettes for virus purification


  • Purification Scientist
  • Laboratory Manager Purification
  • Bioprocess Engineer
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Production Engineer