Unlicensed Medicines: Addressing Access Challenges Across the Lifecycle

Sponsored by: Clinigen

Focused on:

  • Real World Experiences In Providing Access To Medicines

Date: 24 January


Time: 1:30PM - 5:00PM GMT

There is more pressure than ever before on pharmaceutical and biotech companies to maximise the potential of their asset throughout the entire medicine lifecycle and provide patient access to medicines outside the clinical and commercial environments. These demands raise multiple challenges at each point of access, spanning the lifecycle from early access to market exit.

Many industry peers have already registered to join our exclusive virtual conference on January 24, 2018, Unlicensed Medicines: Addressing Access Challenges Across the Lifecycle to hear our expert speakers share their experiences and give real world insights from pharmaceutical and biotech companies who have provided access to their medicines at various points in the lifecycle.

Following the journey through the medicine lifecycle, every presentation is designed to bring you new insights into the benefits of providing early access to medicine; a key stage in many pharmaceutical companies' market access strategy and vital in supporting a successful product launch:

  • Early Access Strategy
  • Providing Early Access to a Promising New Therapy
  • Providing Access to Post Trial Patients
  • Enabling Global Access in Late-to-Launch and Non-Launch Markets

We look forward to you joining us.

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Presented by

Suzanne Aitken,

Head of Program Management,

Key Learning Objectives

  • Hear about our speakers' experiences in providing patient access to unlicensed medicines:
  • The opportunities
  • The challenges faced
  • The solutions implemented to ensure efficient, compliant access
  • The positive outcomes; for the companies and the patients and healthcare professionals that needed medicine access


  • VP/Head of Medical Affairs
  • VP/Head of Health Economics and Outcomes
  • VP/Head of Market Access
  • VP/Head of Brand Management
  • VP/Head of Commercial Operations
  • VP/Head of Clinical Development
  • VP/Head of Safety
  • VP/Head of Regulatory/Regulatory Affairs
  • VP/Head of Investigator Initiated Studies
  • VP/Head of Investigator Sponsored Studies
  • VP/Head of Clinical Trial Supply
  • VP/Head of Strategic Sourcing
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Product Lead
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Medical Director
  • Directors
  • Chief Medical Officer