The Cloud Security Game Changer

Sponsored by: Kenna Security

Focused on:

  • Cloud Security
  • Technology

Date: 14 October


Time: 10AM London

How to Reduce Risk & Optimise Costs

With spending shrinking there is more pressure than ever on IT Security functions to squeeze out as much value as possible from their budgets. The focus in the boardroom is on security solutions that will decrease risk and leverage existing investments, plus deliver operational savings. A big ask?

Stephen Roostan, VP EMEA, Kenna Security and Colin Williams, Chief Technologist, Computacenter give a candid review of the last six months and discuss why some IT security projects stayed on track and others stalled at the onset of Covid 19. They share some surprising insights into which businesses invested most heavily in cloud security and what drove those decisions, and cover:

• Security & automation – what works, and what doesn’t
• Building an ROI – start small, scale rapidly
• The winners in the last 6 months

Whether you are a CISO, CIO or CFO, this webinar is for executives who are reviewing cost optimisation initiatives within IT.

Presented by

Steve Roostan,

VP EMEA, Kenna Security

Roostan has over a decade of experience in cyber security and transformation projects, his role at Kenna is to rapidly grow the EMEA organisation to meet the customer demand for risk-based vulnerability management. Prior to Kenna he held senior sales roles at Forcepoint, Citrix and Imperva, focusing on IT solutions for complex, enterprise requirements. Roostan has a passion for driving equality alongside enabling flexibility at work for modern lifestyles. He has held steering committee roles in companies looking to close the gender pay gap and develop careers for working parents, and strives to find and support equality initiatives across the workplace and industry. He believes that creating a collaborative and supportive working culture is hugely productive for both an organisation and its employees.

Colin Williams,

Business Line CTO UK, Computacenter

With 25 plus years in IT leadership roles within organisations including Compaq, BT, Morse and Hewlett Packard, Williams has a reputation as an innovative technology strategist with a unique perspective on the IT market, vendors and strategy. He delivers thought-provoking blogs, strategic consulting and market insight. In his role at Computacenter he has amassed a deep level of customer understanding to help clients right-size their IT investments to realise measurable business outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Gain new perspectives on how to evaluate cloud projects
  • Understand which IT Security projects are currently delivering cost savings
  • Additional insights into the value of security automation – and pitfalls
  • Take away an overview of real-life examples of ROIs


  • CISO
  • CIO
  • CTO
  • CFO
  • VP/ Director/ Head of IT Security