Solvents Selection

Sponsored by: Syngene International Limited

Focused on:

  • Solvent Selection
  • Drug Development
  • Chemical Development
  • Process Research
  • Process Development

Date: 1 November


Time: 3PM London/11AM New York

Solvents Selection Guidelines for Contract Research Organisations: From the Drug Development Perspective

Solvent contributes 50% to the overall emission of Green Hose Gases (GHC) from the pharma industries. In any given process the solvent contributes more than 80% of overall mass of all the ingredients and in which only 50% of them are recovered. Also, solvents play important role in the toxicity and thermal safety of the overall processes. Though the solvent selection tables are available from various big pharma companies across the globe, it is not being practiced during the outsourcing to Contract manufacturing industries. As the timelines to commence the clinical trials are becoming shorter, contribution from the CRO (Contract Research Organisation) and CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organisation) industries in the drug development continuum is kept on increasing over the past decade. Hence, it is important for these industries to develop solvent selection guidelines for themselves.

Followings are the key discussion points for this seminar:
1. Necessity of solvent selection in common and the space for improvement in the solvent selection process will be discussed.
2. Criteria for the solvent selection and its importance
3. What are the guideline points for the solvent selection
4. Solvent selection table

At the end of the session, the audience will be able to understand the importance of solvent selection and the concept of solvent selection by design. Also, they will be convinced that there should be guidelines for the solvent selection in the contract research and manufacturing organisations.

Presented by

Athimoolam Pillai,

Senior Lead Investigator – Chemical Development

Athimoolam obtained his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology in the field of Polymer Supported catalysts for important organic transformations. Completed first postdoc in University of Ottawa, Canada with Prof. Sandro Gambarotta and the second one in University of Lund, Sweden with Prof. Ola F Wendt in the field of catalysis mainly focussed on C-X bond activation chemistry. He has been the author and co-author of more 25 publications in various international journals. He is working in Syngene International Ltd. for 10+ years and part of several integrated drug development programs from discovery to drug product and from development to manufacturing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Awareness: Solvent selection for the outsourcing partners
  • Importance on the Solvent Selection
  • Criteria for Solvent Selection
  • Solvent Selection table


  • Head Discovery Synthesis
  • Head Process Research and Development
  • Group leaders and team leaders of drug development programs
  • R&D Directors
  • Head of Outsourcing
  • Chemical development
  • Process Research & Development
  • Chief Scientific Officer
  • Head - Drug development