Simplifying the Patient Journey

Sponsored by: Greenphire

Focused on:

  • Patient Journey
  • Clinical Trials
  • Drug Development

Date: 28 July


Time: 5PM London/12PM New York

Driving Enrolment and Retention Through Technology

As drug development, site management, and regulatory environments grow in complexity, life sciences companies need technology solutions that can manage the increasing demand for study participants, stringent inclusion criteria and strict regulatory review guidelines.

There were over 365 thousand clinical trials registered worldwide as of 2020, and approximately 40% of clinical research budget is spent on patient recruitment and enrollment. Even with this focus, about 80% of clinical trials experience delays due to inadequate patient enrollment.

Industry sponsors and CROs have prioritized the patient experience, leading to concrete improvements in study timelines for clinical trials, the reduction of enrollment risk and an increase in patient retention rates. Leveraging technology, CROs and study sponsors can simplify a patient’s journey by reducing site burden through highly matched patient referrals and empower study teams to manage enrollment performance and patient retention.

Join us for a complimentary webinar to understand how Worldwide Clinical Trials, Greenphire and Trialbee have successfully implemented solutions across the patient journey.

Presented by

Ashley Baxter,

Senior Business Optimization Specialist, Greenphire

Ashley Baxter is an innovative solutions provider with more than a decade of experience working on studies from the bidding stage, all the way through study closeout. Her roles have ranged from regulatory documents, site contracts and payments, proposals, operational bidding, start-up strategy and more. As a Sr. Business Optimization Specialist at Greenphire, Ashley analyzes current processes and data to create more enhanced metrics and discover operational efficiencies. Finding the optimal synergy across all available tools, roles, and data continues to be her primary lens to bringing enhancements to clinical research.

Zach Hales,

Associate Director, Product Management, Greenphire

Zach Hales is an innovative solutions provider with more than a decade of experience revolutionizing product landscapes. As an Associate Director at Greenphire, Zach is responsible for ensuring the business strategy and software deliverables consistently evolve to identify and address market requirements while working closely with Sponsors, CROs and research sites to facilitate change. Optimizing user value, streamlining inefficient, manual processes and driving protocol compliance within clinical research continues to be his primary mission of driving site centricity and patient convenience.

Jaleeysa King,

Clinical Pricing Analyst, Greenphire

Jaleeysa King is a visionary data analyst who is revolutionizing the link between data analysis, fair market value, and diversity in clinical trials. As a Data Delivery Analyst at Greenphire, Jaleeysa is responsible for validating the global fair market value data set and providing insight on investigator grant trends to facilitate more effective site budget negotiations. Also, through her in-depth study of the disparities in patient population diversity in clinical trials, she is creating new ways technology and data can be used to bridge those gaps. By providing support to clients through data analysis and industry changes, she continues to find ways to support the broader data vision of Greenphire.

Brendan Cooney, MD,

Medical Advisor, Trial Strategy, Trialbee

Brendan is a medical professional with over ten years of experience in various aspects of clinical research, with a focus on protocol analysis, recruitment, and retention. Other roles have involved site level trial coordination, CRO monitoring and auditing activities, and drug safety.

Shawn Trutna,

Patient Recruitment and Retention, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Shawn Trutna is currently the Global Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategy Lead at Worldwide Clinical Trials. Shawn has over 14 years experience in clinical research and about 7 years specifically focused on patient recruitment and feasibility. Passionate about connecting with patients and their families is at the core of any successful patient engagement and recruitment campaign and Shawn has used his global field experience coupled with industry knowhow and innovations to optimize recruitment and retention campaigns in most disease states and phases of research. Shawn is joined by his forward thinking team to move the needle every day to make trials more accessible to patients, less burdensome for sites and more seamless for sponsors, whether through traditional methods or exploring technology as a potential solution towards recruitment and retention challenges. Shawn has a MS in Clinical Research and Development and currently resides in the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover new strategies to improve enrollment and retention of clinical trial participants
  • Understand how industry peers are leveraging service providers and technology platforms to build programs that yield impactful results
  • Formulate a plan to increase diversity of clinical trial participation by underrepresented populations


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