Securing Success for Your Clinical Trial Supplies

Sponsored by: Pilatus Clinical Services

Focused on:

  • Clinical Trial Supplies
  • Comparator Sourcing

Date: 26 September


Time: 1PM London/8AM New York

An A to Z Guide on Comparator Sourcing

Without a comparator drug, a clinical trial will fail. Without proper guidance, the individuals responsible for sourcing these drugs can be prevented from achieving their KPI’s. These can be in the form of budget overspending, purchasing counterfeit products or inadequate supply of the requested drug. Often, this results in trial termination, which could mean a patient being denied a therapy that could potentially improve their lives. The key facts are that comparator procurement is a complex and dynamic process that requires foresight which can only be developed from experience.

Khaled El-Gendy, our Vice President, wishes to teach you how to deal with the key issues you and your company could potentially face in your upcoming or current clinical trial. Khaled has worked globally as both a supplier of clinical trial comparator products as well as a customer. In this presentation, you will learn about the commercial trends in this sector, GxP landscapes and the micro-economical considerations for a patient-centric clinical trial.

Some of the topics that will be covered include, A) The pros and cons of central sourcing, B) Planning a phase dependent sourcing strategy with recommendations on direct and open-market sourcing and C) Supplier quality management and due diligence techniques.

Pilatus Clinical Services are a global specialist in comparator sourcing, with a team solely dedicated to simplifying your drug procurement. Over decades of working in this industry, we have built a trusted network of suppliers and with it, developed smarter methods of sourcing comparator products. This webinar gives you the opportunity to pick the brains of one of our more senior representatives and acquire knowledge that can help you succeed in all your current and forthcoming clinical trial projects.

Presented by

Khaled El-Gendy,

Vice President

Khaled has over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. Prior to Pilatus, he was Head of Commercial Operations for Fisher Clinical Services and before that, led the Global Sales of Clinical Trial Supplies team at Roche. Khaled will be coming from the EU and his experiences as both a supplier of clinical trial comparator products as well as a customer will no doubt bring valuable insight to all who attend.

Kevin Wolfe,


Kevin is one of the three directors at Pilatus. He has an additional function as the Responsible Person (RP) for quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Kevin has a solutions-oriented approach that draws on more than 30 years’ experience in both the clinical services and pharmaceutical sectors. Many of his roles have encompassed business strategy development and change management; such as the integration and subsequent relocation of the Glaxo and Wellcome groups.

Key Learning Objectives

  • The success factors of a robust sourcing strategy.
  • The dos and don’ts in your hunt for clinical supplies.
  • Operational Management: quality, price, suppliers and timely deliveries.


  • Clinical Business Development
  • Clinical Buyer
  • Clinical Demand Supply Manager
  • Clinical Drug Supply
  • Clinical IMP Supply Manager
  • Clinical Operations Director
  • Clinical Product Manager
  • Clinical QA
  • Clinical R&D Manager
  • Clinical Research Manager
  • Clinical Specialist
  • Clinical Study Supply
  • Clinical Supplies Integrator
  • Clinical Supplies Manager
  • Clinical Supplies Project Planning/lead
  • Clinical Supply Chain Administrator
  • Clinical Supply Chain Manager
  • Clinical Supply Chain Logistics
  • Clinical Supply Operations
  • Clinical Trial Distribution
  • Clinical Trial Manager
  • Clinical Trial Supply Manager
  • CTS Coordinator
  • CTS Programme Manager
  • Director of Clinical Trial Supply
  • Drug Supply Coordinator
  • Head of Clinical Trial Services
  • Head of Manufacturing Clinical Trials
  • Lead Comparator Sourcing and Planning
  • Pharma Relations Manager
  • Procurement & Inventory Manager
  • Procurement Coordinator
  • Trial Supply Management
  • Supply Chain Coordinator/Director
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Trial Supply Manager
  • Trials Specialist
  • VP Pharma Development