SG LAB: Analytical Services for Glass Containers

Sponsored by: Stevanato Group Spa

Focused on:

  • Glass Containers
  • Parenteral Drug Packaging

Date: 5 September


Time: 4PM CEST / 3PM London

A complete range of Analytical Services for primary packaging for parenteral drugs

As healthcare evolves, drugs have become more and more complex. The complexity, has led the industry to analyze in depth the different possible interactions of the drug with its environment. Hence, the analytical services for Glass Containers has become fundamental in understanding the physical, chemical, and biological performance of the drug.

The analytical services of the glass container can guarantee a superior Know-How about the primary packaging system in other to guarantee the efficacy and performance of the drug, as well as the patient’s safety. Regulatory entities across the world are pushing for a deeper understanding and testing of the primary packaging performance.

The primary packaging system needs to be understood from all the different components; the glass, rubber closures, and / or other treatments (example: silicone, coatings, etc…) A profound scientific knowledge of all the system is mandatory to be able to provide accurate and reliable data.

This presentation aims to illustrate how the knowledge and scientific partnerships are necessary to be able to guarantee the wellbeing of the patient.

Presented by

Daniel Martinez Z.,

Product Manager – Special Projects

Bachelor’s degree in Mecatronics Engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Mr Martinez has worked for the past 7 years for international companies dedicated in primary packaging for parenteral drugs.

He has experience in different aspect and functions such as production, technical liaison, quality, project management and sales. He currently holds a position as Product Manager in OMPI, a pharmaceutical glass packaging company, responsible for the development and market placing of different products offered in OMPI’s portfolio.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Analytical Services available in SG LAB
  • Necessary studies to select the appropriate container
  • Necessary studies to ensure the drug integrity
  • Time to market reduction using tailored analytical services in early phases of development


  • R&D Manager
  • Packaging Development Manager
  • Buyer
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Engineering specialist
  • Chemical Analysis Specialist
  • Biotechnology Developer