Pre-Filled and Specialty Syringes: New Options for Customization and Manufacturability

Sponsored by: Plas-Tech Engineering / Equinox Medical

Focused on:

    Date: 14 July

    Days to go: 31

    Time: 2PM London / 3PM CET

    With the increase in demand on specialty syringe/injector requirements, new pharmaceutical and biotech drugs have unique requirements for novel orphan drugs. While the world is working on a global response to the pandemic, often at times new and novel therapies are being developed within emerging markets with limited access to drug delivery devices and syringes. Supply/demand is largely focused on high volume and more biopharma companies struggle to find solutions for parenteral or infusion delivery for their new technology. This often is met with frustration, delays and sometimes cancellation of the project. Plas-Tech Engineering focuses on these issues to provide alternatives for drug packaging that meets the rigorous requirements of the newest technologies that are being developed around the world.

    Register for our webinar to learn more about:
    • Understanding the high-level development process for when a prefilled syringe is manufactured
    • How Biopharmaceuticals have different requirements and require batch sizes
    • Learn about ISO and customizable options for PFS applications
    • New technologies and markets that can benefit with specialized PFS applications
    • Options in packaging and sterilization
    • Regulatory and validation requirements
    • Polymers: (Going beyond COP and COC)
    • Critical components of PFS systems
    • Planning and budgeting

    Industry standards have established large economies of scale that have properly served many industry needs. This is evident in the global response to the pandemic. However, new injectable programs struggle to find supply and are also met with new challenges with chemical compatibility and biological requirements for primary packaging. Variation or small batches are often required but variation is not favourable with common off the shelf PFS products. The industry is looking to have access to options of a smaller economies scale that will allow growth over time and at a manage yet cost-effective pace for a project.

    This webinar is intended for those who have considered or need a pre-filled syringe and are unsure of what may be available outside of conventional PFS products. Starting from R&D, through customization and commercialization we hope to illustrate the potential for options to make the injectable product more successful and meet the desired outcomes. New biopharmaceutical technologies will impact the need for advanced and customized options at a manageable scale.

    Plas-Tech Engineering provides and focuses on these kinds of options: simi-custom and fully customized PFS products.

    Presented by

    Robert Fesus, MBA,

    Vice President of Sales and Business Development and Strategy

    Mr. Fesus has been in the plastics manufacturing industry for over 35 years, the last 22 years being in medical devices and cleanroom manufacturing. His expertise includes design and development, prototyping, commercialization, sterilization, validations, packaging and engineering for primary drug packaging and delivery systems of standard and custom drug packaging for the prefilled syringe markets. Mr. Fesus received his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College, Chicago and his MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School, Lake Forest. Mr. Fesus currently serves as Vice President of Sales and Business Development/Strategy at Plas-Tech Engineering and Equinox Medical’s pre-fillable syringe platforms. He has co-authored numerous patents relevant to the syringe industry and pre-fillable syringes.

    Key Learning Objectives

    • To understand the pre-fillable syringe product
    • Advantages of customization
    • Considerations when specifying a polymer pre-fillable syringe
    • Pre-fillable syringes and new technologies: Biologics, high viscosity and Dry API


    • R&D Managers
    • Formulations Scientists
    • Biologics Developer
    • Supplier Engineer
    • Product Development Managers
    • Program Managers