Patients Can’t Wait and Neither Can We: Incorporating Patient Insights into Study Design for Optimal Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Sponsored by: Covance

Focused on:

  • Patient Recruitment
  • Patient Centricity

Date: 13 December


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Do you know what the number one issue keeping 65,000 patients from joining a clinical trial is? How would you change your protocol design if you could proactively understand the views of 3,000 patients with the specific indication for your trial? What will adding an overnight stay do to your enrollment? You picked the right investigator sites, do you know if your patients are willing to travel that far for a visit?

Patient Centricity has been a buzz word within the pharma landscape for over 10 years and has been adopted and implemented in different ways. At Covance we are committed to incorporating the voice of the patient to encourage more widespread participation and retention in clinical studies. Our patient intelligence platform continues to gain significant momentum with real-life success case studies that have shown a direct impact to our sponsors, their protocols and ultimately the most important people, our patients.

Presented by

Greg Kline,

Executive Director Market & Patient Intelligence

Greg brings more than 20 years of experience collecting and driving insights from the voice of the patient. As the leader of Covance’s Patient Intelligence program and developer of Covance’s proprietary PI tool, Greg has helped support numerous sponsors in developing the most patient centric protocol design possible. Greg frequently writes on the topic of the importance of incorporating patient insights into clinical trial protocol design and most recently was co-author of a peer reviewed journal article on the topic of leveraging voice of patient insights for the design of a rare disease protocol, working collectively with Sponsor, CRO and key Patient Advocacy Group leaders

Melissa Harris,

Associate Director, Patient Recruitment & Engagement

Melissa brings 20 years of industry experience including a tenure at a global award winning vendor agency, creating recruitment programs for all phases of studies including paediatric, rare and hard-to-reach patient populations. Melissa engages all of Covance's propriety data set to harness the benefits of applying innovative solutions toward successful patient recruitment and retention solutions whilst driving health literacy and patient-led trials to reduce study burden and facilitate the study into everyday life

Key Learning Objectives

  • The types of patient data that make an impact and how to use in upstream study activities
  • The value of embedding the patient voice in protocol design and patient recruitment materials
  • How to connect trial naïve patients to clinical trials as a care option


  • Physicians
  • Clinical Operations
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Medical Director
  • Operational Director
  • Clinical Development Director
  • Clinical Development Manager
  • Procurement Manager