PFS High-End Industry Requirements: Challenge Accepted!

Sponsored by: Nipro PharmaPackaging International

Focused on:

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  • Glass Cutting
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Date: 13 April


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

Laser-Based Glass Cutting technology & X-Ray Inspection system take pre-fillable syringe quality to the next level

With soaring scrutiny from regulators on drug delivery systems' safety and effectiveness, addressing syringe high-end industry requirements has become increasingly challenging.

Nipro PharmaPackaging puts patient safety and health first. This is why we invested heavily in innovative manufacturing and inspection technologies to address those industry concerns that have become predominant.

Since 2006, nearly 50 medications have experienced glass breakage or particulate issues serious enough for FDA recalls, impacting over 100 million units of medication. Nipro has implemented a laser-based glass cutting technology on syringe manufacturing lines that lowers glass particle generation during the cutting process.

This technology also positively contributes to better dimensional and mechanical properties of the final syringe product which enhances the integration of the primary container closure system into an auto-injector or safety device.

Ready-to-use sterile syringes are complex primary container closure systems that, in combination with compatible rubber closures, must provide an integral barrier which ensures stability and sterility from product conception to injection.

Nipro’s ground-breaking in-line X-ray needle shield inspection technology provides superior control over the syringe container closure integrity by overcoming the limitations of commonly used inspection systems.

This helps pharmaceutical companies demonstrate the system's capacity to maintain its microbial barrier integrity throughout product shelf life.

The audience will better understand the features and benefits of the technologies concerned and how they may help address the most predominant industry challenges.

Presented by

Philippe Lauwers,

Business Unit Director Pre-fillable Syringes

Philippe Lauwers is Business Unit Director Pre-Fillable Syringes at Nipro PharmaPackaging (NPP); a division of Nipro Corporation. Mr. Lauwers graduated in Biotechnology from the University in Ghent, Belgium, and worked as a scientific researcher at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Upon obtaining an additional degree in Biomedical Engineering, he moved from an academic to an industrial environment. He has been active in the Medical and Pharma packaging sector for the last 10 years in various roles.

Matteo Falgari,

Business Development Manager Pre-fillable Syringes

Matteo Falgari is Business Development Manager Pre-fillable Syringes at Nipro PharmaPackaging (NPP); a division of Nipro Corporation. Mr. Falgari graduated in Industrial Engineering from the University of Bergamo, Italy, in 2012. Since then, he has been active in the pharmaceutical primary packaging field with growing responsibilities in various sales and business development roles.

Mr. Falgari joined Nipro PharmaPackaging in October 2015 and is responsible for business development initiatives for Nipro’s pre-fillable glass syringe systems across EMEA countries.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how Laser-Based Glass Cutting technology lowers glass particle generation during syringe manufacturing
  • Understand how Laser-Based Glass Cutting technology enhances syringe & auto-injector compatibility
  • Learn how X-Ray inspection system takes syringe container closure integrity to the next level


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