Overcoming the challenges of using Soft Mist Inhalers in your portfolio.

Sponsored by: Merxin Ltd

Focused on:

  • Inhalers
  • Soft Mist Inhalers
  • Devices
  • Product Development
  • Generic And Ethical

Date: 4 December


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Using soft mist inhalers (SMI) to create best-in-class inhaled therapies loved by patients and envied by your competitors.

An in-depth analysis of SMI technology to harness its potential: design, performance, use and benefits in the development of Inhaled dosage forms.

Soft Mist Inhaler (SMI) devices are rare and highly sought after. They enable to create inhaled therapies that are reliable, practical with high efficiency and deep lung penetration. Being easy to use, able to reduce dosing substantially and with green credentials, SMIs are a cut above other inhaler devices.

There is one snag: they are rarely accessible.

They do not yet exist “off-the-shelf”, they are a feast of engineering not achieved by many device companies. There is only one SMI on the market, but that does not need to remain so.

Let us introduce you to MRX004 ;Merxin’s SMI ready for you. Let us show you how to access this rarity and lift your inhalation portfolio above the pack.

This webinar will look at the different aspects of SMI technology that are instrumental in the success of the development of new inhaled therapies. The webinar will be based on Merxin’s work on our SMI device MRX004. The webinar will focus on “how-to” tips: starting with the design of the devices to their use in in-vivo situations, such as handling by users. The webinar will be a mix of Merxin’s experience, what issues we met and solved, and review of literature data. We will explain how we created MRX004 and how it expands on existing SMI devices.

In particular, we will look at:

• device design
• in-vitro and in-vivo, with a look at clinical performance
• comparison vs other devices, in particular against nebulisers
• what can and cannot be achieved with SMIs
• I.P. and know-how protections
• how to plan to integrate SMIs in a development plan
• project planning and budgeting: how to use SMIs in your portoflio
• therapies areas and applications: nicotine replacement, cannabinoids, generic and new therapies.

By the end of the webinar you will know how to assess your portfolio against the potential of SMIs and you will have the starting point to make an SMI. The aim of the webinar is to give you the confidence that you can initiate an SMI project without compromising on Speed to market and Quality knowing that you can rely on unparalleled Support and Expertise from the Merxin team.

Register to this webinar to become a budding SMI expert, gear up your inhalation drug delivery projects to create inhalation therapies that will leave your competitors in the starting blocks. Bring on tomorrow!

MRX004 Brochure: Click HERE

Presented by

Philippe Rogueda,

Co-Founder and CBO

Chief Business officer and founder of Merxin Ltd, Philippe is a formulation expert with a global reputation. Philippe is a fellow of the Woolcock Respiratory Institute at Sydney University, and formerly Executive Director at Actavis Pharma, where he set up their generic inhalation pipeline. He has an enviable track record in developing pMDI, DPI, Nebules, Nasal and soft mist inhalers in both generic and originator companies. Philippe recently founded Anthocan Ltd, a company dedicated to inhaled cannabinoid therapies. Philippe founded Merxin with Graham, where he makes sure Merxin provides devices the markets seek and that Merxin is a sound and successful business where creativity and fun go hand in hand.

Graham Purkins,

Co-Founder and CTO

Chief Technology Officer and founder of Merxin Ltd. Graham is a chartered engineer and medical device expert with an accomplished track record delivering technology and global projects across R&D and commercial industrialisation. Previous lives include Head of Hardware Development at 3M Health Care, Device Engineering Group Manager at Novartis and Programme Manager at Bespak leading the construction and setting up of the UK's largest clean room manufacturing facility for the Mylan generic Advair DPI platform. Building and leading effective teams and delivering exciting projects proves so much fun that his leisure time is filled with a never-ending series of house renovation projects.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn what SMIs are and how they work, compare them to other inhaler devices.
  • Learn about the benefits of SMIs: IP, technology protection, increased deed lung deposition, green credentials, portability.
  • Plan how to use SMIs in your inhaled therapy strategy.
  • Find out how SMIs are entering the market: from nicotine replacement, inhaled cannabinoid, generic and new therapies.


  • Research and Development
  • Drug Discovery
  • Business Development - Strategy/Alliances
  • Senior Management - Executive Vice-President and Director
  • Principal Scientists and Scientists