Overcoming the challenges in developing an in vitro dissolution and release system for orally inhaled drug products

Sponsored by: Nanopharm

Focused on:

  • In Vitro Dissolution
  • Drug Product Development
  • Orally Inhaled Drug Products

Date: 21 April


Time: 3PM BST / 10AM EST / 4PM CET

Since the local drug concentrations throughout the respiratory tract cannot be measured directly, determining local bioequivalence between two products is more complicated than for systemically acting drugs. Bioavailability of the pulmonary deposited dose, both locally and systemically, is directly affected by the dissolution characteristics at the air- liquid interface. All attempts to understand dissolution differences between products have failed due to limitation in current in vitro dissolution methods.

This webinar will help showcase the utility of the Nanopharm UniDose and In-Vitro Release System (UniDose-IVRT) to investigate the relationship between in vitro dissolution and release characteristics of an aerosol dose. Moreover, we will discuss how our UniDose-Raman system enables analysis of the microstructure of the aerosol dose and correlation to the dissolution characteristics of the drug substance.

This Webinar allows an opportunity for scientists, regulatory aspects and senior managers an opportunity to learn about novel advanced analytical approaches for the characterisation of orally inhaled drug products. This webinar is applicable to those working in formulation R&D, new drug products and generic drug products. We welcome you all to an exciting and informative webinar presented by world renowned innovator in respiratory drug product development Professor Robert Price.

Presented by

Professor Rob Price,

Chief Scientific Officer, Nanopharm UK and Professor of Pharmaceutics at Bath University, UK

Prof. Rob Price is an acknowledged leader in the field of OINDPs. Rob is the Chief Scientific Officer of Nanopharm Ltd, which is a company he founded specialising in the development of orally inhaled and nasal drug products. His research has been interfaced between engineering, pharmaceutical technology and computational pharmaceutics. He has patented several technologies and out licenced many of his inventions. Rob is a KOL in the orally inhaled and nasal drug product area and has been the recipient of several grants and contracts from the FDA’s Office of Generics.


Key Learning Objectives

  • To learn about the range of dissolution tests available for orally inhaled drug products
  • The importance of dissolution testing and release characteristics for orally inhaled drug products
  • How to accelerate and de risk the development of orally inhaled and nasal drug product development


  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Heads of Procurement
  • Regulatory Managers and Directors
  • Formulation Scientists