Modified-release Softgels

Sponsored by: Procaps SA

Focused on:

  • Pharmaceutical Development
  • Softgels

Date: 30 November


Time: 3PM London/10AM New York

The next generation in Pharmaceuticals development

Nowadays, the Pharmaceutical industry is more headed towards patient-focused development. In this regard, therapy adherence, side effects reduction and enhancement of the quality of life have been the main drivers of the industry in the last decade. The burden of chronic diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide, and the life expectancy is decreasing with each additional chronic condition. At this point the need for extended release therapies is evident.

Beyond the conventional dosage forms such as tablets, the development of soft capsules has faced the challenge of extended and delayed release based on innovation through technology and material science. Even though, just some few extended-releases soft capsule products have reached the market.

In this webinar, Softigel® by Procaps, a leading and integrated CDMO in softgel advanced technologies, through its modified release platform, and Colorcon ® , a world leader in the development, supply and technical support of formulated film coating systems, modified release technologies, and functional excipients for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industry, have joined in a collaborative work to show experimental data, result of applying best prior-knowledge and formulation robustness approach for delayed and extended release in softgels.

From the fill content to the shell and through Procaps novel fixed dose combination technology (UnigelTM), this webinar brings up through a set of case studies some options for developing modified release soft capsules under a Quality by Design framework. The audience will learn how materials are explored for extended and delayed release and some key points to be considered in the development phase. The first part of the contents will show the effect of polymers in tuning the release profile when they are added to the fill content. The second part will deal with coatings for delayed and extended release in softgels and the final part will show the UnigelTM technology to offer the combination of immediate release from the fill content and extended release from the tablet inside.

We invite you to join us in this webinar to get a deeper insight on exploring these innovative options that will become the next generation in the pharmaceutical development in soft capsules.

Presented by

Carolina Quintero, PhD,

Director of New Pharmaceutical Technologies, Procaps

Carolina Quintero serves as Director of New Pharmaceutical Technologies for Procaps. Her current responsibilities include application of scientific and technological knowledge in order to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical sector at a national and international level, with the aim of contributing on Procap´s leadership worldwide. She received her degree on Chemical Engineering from the University Pontificia Bolivariana in Colombia and her PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Southern Mississippi in USA.

Plinio Sandoval,

Regional Technical Manager, Latin America North Colorcon

Plinio Sandoval serves as Regional Technical Manager for the Northern cone of Latin America and Puerto Rico. His current responsibilities include providing customer support on the development of immediate and modified release solid oral dosage forms, both monolithic and multiparticulate systems, solubility enhancement applications, containment and safe handling of potent APIs and taste masking technologies. He received his degree in Pharmacy and his Master in Pharmaceutical Science degree from the National University of Colombia, with a concentration in hydrophilic matrices based on Methocel and Polyox and evaluation of drug release on biorelevant media.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the development stages of modified release systems in soft gelatin capsules following the QbD approach
  • Get some insights about the development options for obtaining modified release in softgels through the formulation of the fill content, the coating of the capsules and the fixed dose combination system Unigel(TM)
  • Know some of the materials for modified release applications in pharmaceuticals and their properties
  • Understand some of the key processing parameters in the coating of soft capsules for extended and delayed release


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