Microarray Patch Systems

Sponsored by: LTS AG

Focused on:

  • Injections
  • Microneedle Systems

Date: 22 October


Time: 5PM London / 6pm CET

The future of pain-free injections, self-applied by the patient

What are the options to make your injectable product patient and healthcare provider preferred? How can we deliver the drug to the patient in a format that is easier to ship, easier to use and painless for the patient? Painless self-administration by the patient has the potential to be the lowest risk, lowest cost and most preferred option for drug delivery of injectable therapeutics. This Webinar will give you answers by introducing you to a superior dosage form.

In the first half of the presentation you will get an insight into the options of transdermal applications. A brief comparison of a variety of transdermal application including injection systems will provide a better understanding of problems faced while using such systems. In the second half of the presentation, we will take a deep look at microneedle systems. In addition to current designs and compositions we will look into the development, manufacturing and analytical testing of microneedle systems.

This presentation will allow you to take the future of injections into your company using the benefits of microarray systems to challenge the dosage forms of your marketed products and products in your R&D pipeline.

Presented by

Dr. Sebastian Braun,

Director - Head of Formulation Development 1 and Head of Manufacturing for Innovative Injection Systems

Dr. Sebastian Braun worked in the field of transdermal and dermal drug delivery for 15 years at different companies. A molecular biologist by training with a PhD in analytical chemistry and molecular biology, he started his career at a transdermal drug delivery company with a fundamental understanding of the biological workings of the skin. Spending the last 15 years at different transdermal and dermal drug delivery companies in various positions including head of formulation development, head of manufacturing and head of science and technology, he is now focused on microneedle development and manufacturing at IIS.

Casey Sharp,

Director, US Business Development

Mr. Sharp joined LTS nearly a decade ago, focused on all customer facing activities for the US Business Development team for LTS. His educational background was focused on chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences, as well as a Master’s degree in Business. Having spent nearly 20 years in the CDMO business, after starting his career in large pharma. Mr. Sharp plays a key role in growing new business opportunities for the global organization.

Key Learning Objectives

  • What designs of microneedle systems are available what advantages do they have?
  • How to develop microneedle system?
  • How to manufacture microneedle systems?
  • How to test microneedle systems?


  • Formulation Scientist
  • Drug Delivery Scientists
  • R&D Scientist
  • Formulation Pharmacist
  • Heads of Research and Development
  • Head of Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Director of Formulation
  • Director Formulation Development
  • Head of Product Development
  • Heads of Innovation Technology