Make Cannabinoid Inhaled Therapies: Good Practice And Rewards

Sponsored by: Merxin Ltd

Focused on:

  • Cannabis Inhaled Therapies
  • Medicine

Date: 19 May


Time: 2PM London/3PM CET

Making Good Medicines: The Ways To Inhaled Cannabinoids Therapies

Natural medicines are the rage and medical cannabis is making its come back. After nearly 100 years of ignoring the benefits of cannabinoids, clinical research is looking at cannabis and its components for a range of conditions. Our bodies have a cannabinoid system whose function is essential to our lives, yet whose contribution to our wellbeing is not acknowledged nor used in pharmaceutical therapies. The association of cannabis with smoking and recreational uses obscures its therapeutic benefits. The therapeutic cannabis market is valued at $82B and its therapeutic benefits are vast. The challenges of bringing medical cannabis to the market are many: legal, regulatory, technical, clinical. There is no quick win, but there is a way to make cannabinoids therapies successful and the inhaled route is one sure way to achieve it. iCTx (inhaled cannabinoid therapies) offer reliable dosing with limited side effects.

“Make Cannabis Inhaled Therapies, Good Practice And Rewards” will look at the benefits of iCTx and how to make them. What is needed is to create reliable, dosed, quality therapies? How to bring them to the market? This webinar will cover clinical data and ways to create iCTx based on standardised inhaler platforms: dry powder and soft mist inhalers.

Learn about iCTx, review their efficacy and plan your market entry. The webinar will explain what to aim for: the standards, the doses, the formulations, devices, the clinical evidence, and the legal and regulatory environments. We will take you through the journey of iCTx development from cannabinoids to finished dosage forms. Questions around the legal and regulatory status of iCTx will be covered: how to sell iCTx under which regime.

Cannabis therapies are a potentially large market and iCTx are the most reliable therapies for accurate dosage with limited side effects. Be ahead of the pack and learn to make iTCx.

Join us on Weds 19 May 2021 at 1400 GMT to follow the webinar live.

The webinar will be available online for 12 months after the live event.

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Presented by

Philippe Rogueda,

CBO and co-founder

Philippe is the Chief Business officer and co-founder of Merxin Ltd. Philippe is a OINDP formulation expert with a global reputation. He is a fellow of the Woolcock Respiratory Institute at Sydney University and of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He has an enviable track record in developing pMDI, DPI, Nebules, Nasal and soft mist inhalers in both generic and originator companies. Philippe co-founded Merxin, an inhaler device company dedicated to designing and supplying devices, mainly DPI and SMIs. Philippe recently founded Anthocan Ltd, a company dedicated to formulating inhaled cannabinoid therapies based on the Merxin devices.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Discover the cannabis therapies market
  • Learn how iCTx (inhaled cannabinoid therapies) are made
  • Review the efficacy of iCTx
  • Plan your entry in the iCTx market


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